Not On My Watch: Congressman Luis Gutierrez Blasts Steve King For Racist Comments

In a strongly worded and impassioned speech in front of Congress, Latino Congressional Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) reprimanded congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) for making several racist comments this past week.

But he didn’t stop there: he took other Republicans to task for normalizing the Iowa congressman’s racism.

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On Thursday morning, Rep. Gutierrez delivered some of the most scathing political sarcasm heard in a long time when he spoke of Rep. King’s tweets supporting Geert Wilders, a Prime Ministerial candidate from the Netherlands:

“My staff is smart enough to keep the launch codes secret from me so that when I say something, we find the right words to express what I want to say, and occasionally, very occasionally, I have a chance to cool down before I fire off a tweet. But this week we learned that one of our colleagues doesn’t have a reasonable staff person who helps him think through his tweets.”


Btw, Wilders placed second in Netherlands’ election for Prime Minister.

Here is one of Wilders’ tweets:

Rep. Gutierrez called Wilders an “anti-Muslim nationalist candidate in Holland who is running on an explicitly White supremacist platform, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-refugee, anti-people of color, this candidate is the full White nationalist package.”

Also if “Geert Wilders” doesn’t sound like a villain’s name, I don’t know what does.

The tweet in question shows Steve King pledging outright support for Wilders’ ideas:

“Our civilization.” Hm, dique.

Gutierrez focused on those who won’t speak up against the normalization of racism.

Gutierrez called out other Republicans for their silence on the matter, which he believes helps normalize hateful rhetoric.

Gutierrez went on to air out more dirty laundry:

He stated that Rep. King was being supported by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who retweeted King’s comments. Rep. Gutierrez continued, discussing an interview with Jan Mickelson on 1040 WHO where King predicted that “Hispanics and the blacks will be fighting each other” before causing White people to become minorities in this country.

He ends powerfully by addressing those who have yet to speak out against Rep. Steve King’s tweets and comments:

“Saying that black and brown people will be fighting each other and saying that non-white people are somehow someone else’s babies and children, and are not our children, the children of a nation that believes all men are created equal, well that is not normal. And the American people will not accept the silence of the majority party when one of their own speaks out in this way, I’m waiting for the censure, the denunciations and the rebukes, but I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time.”

Check the speech in its entirety:

credit: RepGutierrez/ Youtube

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