Latinarrific Wants To Give Latinas A Platform To Empower Each Other

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What makes you Latinarrific?

Latinarrific is striving to give Latinas a space to share their stories and empower each other. According to the website, Latinarrific wants to make you the star by letting you share your stories the way you want to share them. There is no wrong way to be Latina and this company is giving all Latinas a platform to engage, empower, and learn from one another. They focus on five specific areas of what it means to be Latina: mindset, cooking, wellness, life choices, and family. According to Latinarrific, Latinas make up 18 percent of the female population in the U.S. with a total population of 26 million Latinas living in the U.S.

Latinarrific wants your help to launch an app to make it easier for Latinas to record and share their stories with as many of the 26 million Latinas as would listen. The company has turned to FundLatinos to crowd-fund their initiative. The app would open the platform of storytelling to anyone with a smartphone and some time to tell their story.

Check out the campaign, hosted by our friends at FundLatinos where you can find campaigns to support or start one of your own!

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Café Tacvba Just Dropped A Beautiful Ballad That Will Leave You Thinking About Your Ex


Café Tacvba Just Dropped A Beautiful Ballad That Will Leave You Thinking About Your Ex

Araceli Cruz/Twitter @cafetacvba
Araceli Cruz/Twitter @cafetacvba
CREDIT: Araceli Cruz/Twitter @cafetacvba

Five months after Café Tacvba released their first single in four years, the Mexican quartet dropped another song from from their forthcoming album.

Their latest, released today, is a contemplative soft-rock ballad titled “Disolviéndonos.” Written by vocalist Rubén Albarrán and produced by Gustavo Santaolalla, the song also features Joey Waronker (Beck, REM, Atoms for Peace, Johnny Cash) on drums.

Santaolalla, co-writer of “Disolviéndonos” said that the song is “oniric and introspective at times and overwhelming in others. ‘Disolviéndonos’ is a song that invites us to an inner journey. A poetic path where, through the voice, the instruments and the very diverse musical landscapes, our material, slowly, is losing its form. ”

When discussing the origins of the song and the questions that were mulling around in his head, Albarrán said: “Can you hear the tumbling fall of the old tree in the lonely forest? Is everything forever? Is a dream more illusory and absurd than what we call reality? They are only questions that, little by little, fade into nothing, in the absence of a true answer.” 

See, the song is totally trippy!

The band is currently playing a few dates in Southern California and in New York. Last night, on the first night of two show dates at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Albarrán said the new album, which has yet to be named, will be released in May.

Beginning in October of last year, Café Tacvba has released three songs from the album, including “Un Par De Lugares,” “Futuro,” and this latest track. At last night’s show, the band played two new singles and a bunch of old classics.

The band’s upcoming shows include at a stop at Terminal 5, in New York on April 20 and the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 17. Tonight they’re at the House of Blues in Anaheim once again so do yourself a favor and score tickets at any means. Your soul will thank you.

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