Latinarrific Wants To Give Latinas A Platform To Empower Each Other

What makes you Latinarrific?

Latinarrific is striving to give Latinas a space to share their stories and empower each other. According to the website, Latinarrific wants to make you the star by letting you share your stories the way you want to share them. There is no wrong way to be Latina and this company is giving all Latinas a platform to engage, empower, and learn from one another. They focus on five specific areas of what it means to be Latina: mindset, cooking, wellness, life choices, and family. According to Latinarrific, Latinas make up 18 percent of the female population in the U.S. with a total population of 26 million Latinas living in the U.S.

Latinarrific wants your help to launch an app to make it easier for Latinas to record and share their stories with as many of the 26 million Latinas as would listen. The company has turned to FundLatinos to crowd-fund their initiative. The app would open the platform of storytelling to anyone with a smartphone and some time to tell their story.

Check out the campaign, hosted by our friends at FundLatinos where you can find campaigns to support or start one of your own!

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