Proving a Latina’s Appetite Can Keep Up With The Best

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Here’s the thing: I love my boyfriend. We’ve been together for a while, and he’s my best friend. We dance, we travel, we chill (duh).

But my favorite thing to do together? Get our grub on.  And with our crazy schedules, sometimes it’s hard to find time to just relax and enjoy some good food together. I was brought up knowing that sharing a meal with family and friends was super important, and I love that.

Now when people look at us, they see a tall dude and then tiny me. I’m always proving that I can keep up with the boys despite my tiny stature, whether it’s at work or when I played sports in high school…or doing my favorite thing: eating.

So, if someone asks me to prove I can eat the same as a guy, I’m going to take them up on the opportunity. Especially if that guy is my boyfriend. Besides, it was the perfect opportunity for us to rekindle that magic of just sharing some good food together! Like I said, we’re so busy we barely have time anymore. Also, there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to show up your man!

To say I was excited when they brought out the three sizes of the Big Mac is an understatement.

I was ready to show that us Latinos have the biggest and best appetites. When they told me to choose which Big Mac I wanted to eat, I obviously chose the Grand Big Mac, the bigger of the 3. The look on my boyfriend’s face says it all.

I knew I had to go big or go home. All of the Big Mac burgers are absolutely delicious, but I picked the Grand Big Mac because my appetite could take on my boyfriend’s any day. Especially because the burger has a little extra of the Big Mac Special Sauce.

I was feeling myself with that burger! And judging by my boyfriend’s expression, I knew he was already impressed and I hadn’t even taken a bite. I could feel the sparks flying!

As you can see, the Grand Big Mac is big. And I was hungry.

This was gonna be easy (and delicious). Plus, I couldn’t remember the last time I shared a Big Mac burger with my boyfriend.

Spoiler alert: we both devoured the Grand Big Mac, proving that yes, Latinas love food and are proud of it. It’s fun when it comes to getting our grub on, especially when there’s Special Sauce involved. I knew I had impressed my boyfriend, but mostly I was proud of myself for proving that I can eat with the best of them.

I could see the love pouring out of him and it was nice. He told me he was beyond impressed with me. I not only got to reconnect with a Big Mac (it’d been a while), but I also totally had my boyfriend falling more in love with me. I have McDonald’s and the Grand Big Mac (and my appetite) to thank for that.

We also made plans to hang with all of our friends and their baes so everyone could try the three Big Mac sizes at McDonald’s since the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. are only available for a limited time. As I found out, it’s seriously worth it.

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