Keep it Local: 24 Latino Owned Businesses to Shop this Latino Heritage Month

This month is Latino Heritage month, which means it’s time to celebrate all things Latino.

While most Latinos do this anyway (can you blame us? We love being extra.), we figured we could step it up a notch by checking out some Latino owned businesses where we could do our shopping. Businesses that decided to stay local, true to our roots. Businesses that decided to reinvent what connecting with Latinos mean

So get those debit cards ready because you’re going to want to buy all of the things.

1. Dope earrings from Cultura Corazón


If you’re obsessed with earrings like me, then it’s worth it to check out this online boutique shop that specializes in jewelry and accessories. Not only do they boast earrings of tortillas, but they also have Frida Kahlo-inspired earrings as well as elote earrings. They make perfect gifts and are available to purchase not only online, but in various stores in New Mexico and California.

2. Stickers from blank tag co.


Calling all sticker-obsessed humans! If you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up your planners or stationery, look no further than blank tag co., which is a company owned by the Latino couple, Alondra and Remi. Their passion is stickers that represent culture, and I’m so here for it. You can browse everything from La Concha stickers to Mango Con Chile stickers to Elote stickers. Is it normal for stickers to make me hungry?

3. Handmade charms from Once upon a charm


Sometimes a little charm can absolutely brighten up your day, which is why you should totally check out Once upon a charm, an online store that brands itself as a “Mexican Goodies Collection.” This dreamy site will be easy to get lost in, so have your debit card on hand since it’ll be hard to not buy everything, including those Chili-covered lollipop charms.

4. Tees + prints from Jessica Sabogal

CREDIT: Jessica Sabogal

Get ready to stock your wardrobe full of awesome tees from entrepreneur and first-generation Colombian-American graffiti artist, Jessica Sabogal. Her designs are out-of-this-world good, and her artistic talent translates incredibly to t-shirts and prints.

5. Crystals and bags from The Hoodwitch

CREDIT: The Hoodwitch

If your life needs some balance and clarity, shopping at The Hoodwitch might be exactly what you need. As owner and creator, Bri, states on the website: “The Hoodwitch was a website and project that I had been working on for over a year. It started as a fun play on words, but also as a reference to the curanderas and the wise women in the neighborhood botanicas that I grew up in.”

6. Hair products from Funky Town Pomade

CREDIT: Funky Town Pomade

Not only can you take care of your beard with these pomades, but they also have “sad girl cosmetics” for ladies. This Latino owned company is edgy and bursting with personality, which makes it super unique and fun to shop from.

7. Baby clothes from Vince and Soph Apparel


Okay, be right back, I’m over here absolutely swooning over this adorable store. The idea for the shop came from the owner being born in the United States to Mexican immigrants “and having children with a guero, I found that the clothes that I was dressing my babies in didn’t reflect who they are, who we are as a family, and what I hope for them in the future.” Shop their onesies, and baby tees and try not to melt into a puddle of mush whilst doing so.

8. Patches, candles, t-shirts and more from Shop Destruya

CREDIT: Shop Destruya

This online shop is the absolute coolest. It’s run by one woman – Natalia – originally from Puerto Rico and now based in South Florida. Not only does she create all of the designs, but she runs the entire company. Basically, she’s goals on every level.

9. Jewelry from Luni Jewelry

CREDIT: Luni Jewelry

For all the romance lovers out there, this is the place for you! Founded by Lorenia Henriquez, the jewelry is all handmade and crafted carefully. You’ll fall in love with every product so beware.

10. Pins + patches from MajorCrimesDivision

CREDIT: MajorCrimesStore

Located on the “fringes of Los Angeles”, Major Crimes Store comes from Ivan, a guy who is all about creating culture with funky, awesome accessories. I mean, look at this elotes patch! Can’t you picture it on your backpack? Here for it.

11. Drink tumblers from MG Custom Printing


Who doesn’t want to drink their morning coffee everyday out of a funky, Latino-inspired tumbler? These designs are familiar, nostalgic, and also just plain delicious.

12. Earrings from 2ndwnd

CREDIT: 2ndwnd

These gorgeous designs are breathtaking. They’re perfect for anyone’s taste who is modern, sleek, but still classic. 2ndwnd has minimalist, funky designs and you will absolutely shop to your heart’s content.

13. Apparel from Ella Loca

CREDIT: Ella Loca

This online store is one of my absolute favorites. The fashion sense is bold and unapologetically Latino. Creator Ella Loca strives to bring her Chicanx culture and her love of fashion together and she’s doing just that.

14. Earrings from Luna Inspirations


These earrings define unique. All of the products are hand-wrapped and handmade with a ton of care. Plus, those colors are popping!

15. Art from Amor Por Vida


For all of the interior design lovers out there – Amor Por Vida is for you! Not only do they boast a dope array of signage, but they also have really cool birthday cards and unique pieces. Plus, they’re a husband and wife team behind the store which is really cool.

16. Clothes and accessories from Mi Vida


Those earrings and all of the colors, though! This shop is totally perfect for the next time you have to go shopping for your older sister…but be careful. You’ll probably end up buying everything for yourself.

17. Piñatas from CHI


Everyone needs an awesome piñata. CHI makes the coolest pinatas, adding a modern flare to a classic Latino tradition. No party will ever be the same!

18. Athletic apparel from Ganaz


Whoever said you can’t look good while working out was absolutely wrong. I’m obsessed with everything from Ganaz athletic gear. They’ve got the coolest tanks and tees for when you’re doing some heavy lifting in the gym.

19. Mugs from TheLittleThings


A person can never have enough mugs. Ever. Which is why all of the designs from The Little Things are absolutely darling and make the perfect accessory for your morning cafecito.

20. Apparel from Barely Broke


This is fashion that makes a statement. That is more than just threads and looking cool for an Instagram. Everything from Barely Broke will not only make you look really good when wearing it, but will also hopefully prompt meaningful conversations. What more could you want from fashion?

21. Cosmetics and body scrubs from PachucaCosmetics


Who doesn’t want a body scrub that is called “Horchata?”. Your skin will not only feel super refreshed and smooth, but it’ll smell dope as well. You can shop for makeup and shower products all in one stop! Plus, I’m all about cute packaging and this place has it down.

22. Yoga mats from Ceiba LA


These Latino-inspired yoga mats are absolutely amazing! You never think that a yoga mat is something that you can bring your culture to, but this Los Angeles, Chicano Yogi company, they’re doing just that.

23. Tees + phonecases from Somaratx


I cannot handle these phone cases! The t-shirts! The pin that says, “Latina Power”. All of these things are heaven, and I’m so glad they exist through Somaratx. Her Instagram page is poppin’, so get to shoppin’.

24. Swimwear from Blue Beach Swimwear


This Latino-owned swimsuit company is making waves for their bold styles, colors, and designs. I’m so obsessed with every look and will probably need to buy all of them.

There are so many cool Latino-owned shops, stores, and boutiques out there. So why not shop from them and support the Latino community? It’s a win-win situation for all.

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