Kate del Castillo Gets Intense In New “Ingobernable” Trailer

Credit: Netflix USA & Canada / YouTube

“I’m not leaving the president. I’m leaving you, Diego.”

A full trailer for the new Netflix series “Ingobernable,” starring Kate del Castillo, was just released and it looks intense. An early teaser for the series hinted at a fractured relationship between del Castillo’s character, Mexican first lady Emilia Urquiza, and her husband, Mexican president Diego Nava Martinez. Standard stuff, right? But if you thought “Ingobernable” would be a telenovela, think again: this is a political thriller through and through. The trailer begins with news reports relaying Urquiza’s unprecedented move: she’s divorcing President Nava Martinez. Soon, we see Martinez plunge to his apparent death, with Urquiza as a witness. Moments later, Urquiza is on the run from the authorities with the help of some sort of agent and a hacker. Who or what is she running from? Is she trying to get away with murder or does she know more than the government wants its citizens to know?

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