Juan Gabriel’s Son Just Dropped A Song And He Sounds Nothing Like His Dad

Credit: Club Luis Alberto Aguilera Oficial / YouTube

“I can be the lean… you can be the Sprite.”

When Mexican music icon Juan Gabriel died suddenly last summer, it was revealed that Gabriel (real name: Alberto Aguilera Valadez) had more children than previously thought. Months after the 66-year-old singer’s death, we learned that he was actually the father of six, not four, children. One of his “secret” kids, Luis Alberto Aguilera, was born to Guadalupe Gonzalez, one of Juan Gabriel’s domestic workers.

Soon after the revelation, the 26-year-old expressed his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. In an interview with “Ventaneando” last year, Aguilera said he was writing songs in English and Spanish, but was leaning towards creating music in English so he could forge his own path. Earlier this month, Aguilera released his first track, “Sprite,” and if you’re expecting something in the vein of “Querida” or “No Tengo Dinero,” you’re out of luck. The English-language song sounds heavily influenced by “Thank Me Later”-era Drake and The Weeknd, so any JuanGa comparisons immediately fly out of the window.

Before releasing “Sprite,” Aguilera told “Ventaneando” he knows his father’s iconic status means he’ll never completely escape comparisons. But he’s good with it. “I know the comparisons will be there but I’ve got my own style. Maybe there’s a slight similarity in our vocal range,” said Aguilera.

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