[VIDEO] JC Chavez On Drugs, Narcos And Suicide

Julio César Chávez, boxing legend and hero to Mexican dads everywhere, recently appeared on “Titulares Telemundo” where he opened up about some of the darkest days of his life. In an interview with Miguel Gurwitz, Chávez described what it was like to fall into a pit of drug addiction and how it nearly led him to take his life.

Chávez talked to Gurwitz about the first time he tried cocaine.

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Chávez said he first tried cocaine in 1992 after his fight versus Hector “Macho” Camacho. He said it became an addiction he couldn’t shake. Chávez, who grew up poor, said his lavish lifestyle wasn’t making him happy. “I felt alone, empty. And what did I seek out? The dumbest and most stupid thing I could, which was drugs.”

He also clarified what kind of relationship he had with Mexican drug lords.

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“I know all of the drug traffickers. All of them. From the smallest to the biggest. They wanted to meet me, take pictures with me.” Chávez said he was just a celebrity that they admired. “Thank god that I never got involved in drug trafficking,” he said to Gurwitz.

Chávez revealed that he was an abusive father.

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Chávez says his children suffered due to his drug and alcohol addiction. “They suffered a lot, honestly. They suffered a lot. I treated their mother poorly. I was always drugged out… I would insult them.” Chávez said that at the time, he cared more about drugs than his family. “When you’re deep into alcohol and drugs, you fall in love with the drugs and alcohol. And your loved ones are the ones you push away the most,” Chávez told Gurwitz.

Chávez also revealed that he almost committed suicide.

Credit: Telemundo Deportes / YouTube

Chávez says his drug addiction drove him to suicide. When he attempted to shoot himself, his brother-in-law in law intervened and saved him. Chávez says that moment was the beginning of his turnaround. He says he’s been sober for six years.

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