Incredibly Funny Text Messages That Can Only Come From A Latina Mom

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Latina moms can be pretty predictable. We can almost cue in the “no tienes llenadera”, or the “porque soy tu madre, y punto”. But sometimes—like the chancla—they completely catch us off guard. Here are 7 times Latina moms sent their kids unbelievably funny texts.

While some moms take care of their kids when they get hurt, our moms tell us to walk it off.

Awww they always know how to make us feel better!

They help us develop a thick skin…and possibly a stronger stomach.

We’re pretty sure that’s not how it works.

They have an unbelievable sense of style…

Keep on slaying mami!

…even when they’re keeping things real.

They teach us the importance of taking care of things.

Quick, someone please buy this woman a new one before she uses that thing!!!

And they can sniff your mentiras from a mile away!

Pero how????

But we still love them, even when they take their jefa role too seriously.

Ouch! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

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