If You Like Fishing, You Might Also Like This Other Activity

Sometimes in life, two things that seem extremely different are actually much more similar than you originally thought. For instance – soccer and fishing. Now before you think “Are you crazy?”- just think about it. These two sports are much more alike than you’d think.

Here are seven ways fishing is just like soccer…you just didn’t know it.

1. Both require you to be firm on your feet.

You can’t play soccer if you don’t hold your own ground, and you also can’t reel in your catch if you can get knocked over – especially if you’re on a boat. What if you catch a huge fish? You need to be able to hold steady, the same way you need to be able to run across the field without tumbling into an opponent.

2. Both have nets…duh.

Well, this seems quite obvious. But both activities use nets to catch things: your #FirstCatch or a black and white ball plummeting through the sky.

3. Both soccer and fishing are great ways to bond with people.

Whether it’s bonding with your family on a boat as the sun sets, each of you holding your own fishing pole, or bonding with your team under a sweaty sun as you race against the clock to beat the other team, both fishing and soccer are wonderful ways to get closer to the people in your life.

4. Both require stamina.

Soccer is a game of endurance, clearly – you’re constantly running up and down the field. You can’t get tired! But did you know that fishing also requires stamina? You’ve got to be able to firmly grasp the fishing rod, unless you want to lose it to the fierce waters.

5. Both require patience.

You can’t win a soccer game if you’re making impatient plays. You also can’t catch a fish if you’re not willing to wait it out. Soccer and fishing require patience should you wish to be successful in either.

6. Both require you to stay hydrated.

It’s pretty obvious that you need to be hydrated during a soccer game, but you probably didn’t think about how important it is to stay hydrated while fishing, did you? No good can come from sitting on a boat or dock under the scorching sun if you’re not replenishing your liquids.

7. Both teach you about perseverance and hard work.

Hard work and perseverance are incredibly valuable in this world. Soccer and fishing both teach us to put your best foot forward. Whether it’s giving it your all on the field or trying your hardest to get that first catch of the day, both are great opportunities for growth and learning.

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