I Photoshopped My Mom Into Different Airbnbs to Convince Her To Take A Vacation

Can you believe how hard it is to convince your Latina mom to go on vacation?

I’ve been trying to get my mom to take a trip with me, ANYWHERE! We all know how hardworking Latina moms are. I would even settle for a staycation with her, but this woman wouldn’t budge. So, I decided to use my limited knowledge of photo editing to convince her to go on an adventure with me.

¡Mire amá! This could be us in Milan living the lavish life just like the bougie people we see in telenovelas.

We could have our own terrace overlooking the river where we could sip on some tecito while we talk about all the amazing places we visited in Shanghai.

We could travel through Spain listening to Enrique Iglesias all day and invite Iñaki, who cleans the pool every day, to eat your famous quesadillas.

We could enjoy the spa in our celebrity-owned Airbnb, where we can catch up on all the pending chisme and walk straight from the sauna to bed.

We could even go glamping in L.A. and stay in a camper by the ocean with all the luxuries needed to feel glamorous.

We could go on long walks in the French countryside, then come back to our rental and drink wine all afternoon while snacking on buttery brioche pastelitos.

Well, after showing her this presentation of mine, she finally said YES!!!  So now, MY MOM AND I ARE GOING AWAY ON A VACATION!!! She is calling it a home away from home with Airbnb. She finally gets it because that’s exactly what Airbnb is, and I’m so glad that my vacation won’t be to my tía’s house anymore!

If your parents are also reluctant to use Airbnb, maybe this little trick can help you too.

Good luck my fellow Photoshop rookies! Until we meet again in a remote place with our familias!

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