My Vicious Battle With TV Addiction That My Boyfriend Never Knew About

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three and a half years…which, let’s be honest, can feel very much like a lifetime. Don’t tell him I said that! 😉 Now, it’s perfectly normal to feel that itch…that desire for something new, something exciting, and something a little scandalous. To want something completely different from what you have, to feel that rush of exhilaration!

Like watching my favorite TV show so obsessively that I have to hide it from my boyfriend (who I live with). And that’s exactly what I did. The scandalous affair I experienced was watching TV behind my boyfriend’s back for exactly a week and let me tell you – it was an experience.


I woke up an hour earlier than him to sneak in an episode.

It had to be done. I knew I had a long day ahead of me and the chances of getting to watch an episode after work were slim to none…plus, since we live together, we’re always around each other. There’s literally no privacy. So I did what any smart person who has an unhealthy addiction to television would do…

I woke up at the crack of dawn, snuck into our living room, and watched it with subtitles. Basically, I felt like a genius.


I told him I was working on my laptop but I was actually watching an episode without him knowing.

I felt SO sneaky! He thought I was working on an article, but little did he know I was devouring episode after episode. Okay, yes, I have an addiction and maybe it’s a problem and yes I did feel a little guilty, but a girl’s got to get hers in this crazy world!


He told me I was being quieter than usual…which is a big deal, since I’m Puerto Rican and we loud.

Let it be known in the world…I am not a quiet person. At all. So for my boyfriend to be like, “Pero like why you so quiet bae?!” Ummm, maybe because all of this time spent talking to you could be spent watching my programs, as Abuela would say!

Oh god – am I becoming my Abuela? So be it.


We got into a fight because I didn’t feel like talking when he came home from work.

CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME LIVE MY LIFE…vicariously through the fictional characters that I care so much about? I think I’m going insane. I mean, listen, I get that it’s important to be an attentive girlfriend and care about what your boyfriend has to say, etc. etc….but sometimes I just want to keep dreaming about the world of the TV show I’m watching. That’s it! Can’t I just be me and not have girlfriend duties for one single night?!


He nearly caught me watching it in the bathroom but I told him I got better Wifi there and had to send an email.

My heart didn’t stop racing for five minutes after this. It was absolute anxiety. I’ve never felt so dangerous! And also, this was when the guilt started to set in. Hiding something from the person you live with who is also your significant other is not fun, let me tell you. They make it look so exciting in the movies but it’s nothing like that! It’s me, hiding in a bathroom, devouring my TV shows.


I felt really bad all day because I was more invested in the relationship of fictional characters than my own.

Tell me I’m not the only one out there that feels like TV characters are actual people. I get so emotionally invested that it actually pains me. PAINS ME, I SAY! All I want to do is think about these characters. And when something bad happens to one of them – it’s the absolute WORST. And then I can’t talk about it with my boyfriend because I’m hiding everything from him and ugh, day six was just a mess.


I confessed that I’d been binge-watching and he understood. He can’t keep up with me and that is the TRUTH!

I couldn’t hide it anymore. I had to come clean and confess that for the last week, I’d been cheating on him with my show. After his initial heartbreak of, “I would’ve watched it with you!” he came to his senses and realized that my love of TV and rapidfire binge watching speed was just too much for him. There’s no way he could ever keep up with me, and honestly, keeping my love of TV out of our relationship is for the best.

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