How Homegirls Got Friendship Right

Through heartbreak, happiness and just silly-ass girls’ nights, your comadres are always there for you.  To celebrate friendship and girl power, Amber Tilden, aka @mrs_spiderface_tilden, took the iconic Love Is… cartoon series by Kim Casali and gave it the perfect chola twist. Here is what Varrio Love Is…

Help Getting the Look on Fleek

Love this! I always make sure my homegirls look on point ??? #varriolove #varrioloveis #homegirls

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First dates or girls’ night, your homegirls know how to get your winged-liner right.

Having an Awesome Squad

There is no getting between you and your homegirls.

Support through Thick and Thin

Two are Better than One

??????? #VarrioMunecas (Click link in bio)

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Knowing What’s What

It’s like you’re the same person.

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Knowing When to STFU

…And when to listen to the same story about how he didn’t call for the upteenth time because you know she needs to vent.


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