Latino Inspired Stickers That Will Make Any Tailgaters Laugh

We like to make the most out of everything. It’s what’s led us to jazz up our Saturday chores with some music or catch up on the latest chisme while waiting in line at the DMV. So when it comes to traffic—you guessed it—we make the most of it. We blast our favorite cumbias, norteñas, and reggeatoneras, and lip-sync the ride away. I mean, we really bring out our inner J Balvin or Chente! But making our commute more fun doesn’t just end with a singing sesh, we extend the favor to other commuters and bring them some joy through our bumper stickers. And trust us, no one does bumper stickers quite like us. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re stopped in traffic, see how many funny bumper stickers you can spot! In the meantime, check out this hilarious bumper sticker collection.

I mean, do we really need to explain this one?

Mix our love of food and cars, and you get a pretty sweet ride.

No one knows the frustration that comes from being stuck in traffic better than us, especially when we can’t remember if we left the beans on the stove!

If we burn the beans, they won’t be the only ones in hot water…


We also run on our own time sooo….


…don’t get it twisted!

And when we like a band, we become super fans fo life…


…or until we sell our truck.

Talk about commitment!

We also like to be prepared so, por si las moscas (just in case) we have this bumper sticker:

It’s the Latino sign for “help a brotha out.”


Oops! We’d say it works most of the time…but don’t quote us.

Oh, and if things get real we can always count on:

…It makes everything better!

Try it!

Which one was your favorite? Got any more to add to the list? Comment below, but first, send it to all your friends!

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