Do You Believe in Ghosts? These Posts Might Change Your Mind

Do you believe in ghosts? Cultures around the world have endless stories and legends passed down for generations about supernatural activity. Heck, our abuelitas would share stories about their crazy ghost encounters, or they’d tell us how their neighbor fulanito, their comadre fulanita, or their tía saw this or that. And if there’s something we’ve learned from our abuelitas its that ghosts are EVERYWHERE. Yes, even in churches, convents and monasteries! And TBH, those were some of the scariest ones. Don’t believe us? Watch the new movie The Nun and see for yourself.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is certain, you’ll have a hard time explaining these videos and pictures. So before you start scrolling, now would be a good time to grab some agua bendita (holy water) and call your snuggle bunny, para que no te ashutes (so you don’t get scared).

Who knew visiting a church could be such a terrifying experience?

Look, just above the Jesus Cristo statue, there seems to be the face of a nun in her habit. The fact that someone’s hermana caught this pic in a hospital chapel, isn’t very comforting. Just saying!

This man went to visit his deceased mother and got a take-home souvenir…check out what’s in the red circle (there’s a face!).

This man, his grandmother and sister visited his deceased mother at the Arica cemetery in Chile. They wanted to memorialize their visit with a picture so, they set a timer on his cellphone and unexplainably captured a woman’s face in the background (since there were no other people around). They believe it’s his mother’s ghost, making a surprise visit. This is proof that cemeteries are super creepy–duh–and that apparitions can occur even in the holiest places like a cemetery, church, or a convent.

You think your home is a safe space? Think again…you could have an unexpected guest.

Take a closer look at the lower left hand corner of this picture (right above the bench) and tell us you don’t see two creepy eyes staring back at you! If cemeteries and convents aren’t ghost free, then what makes us think our homes are?

Without a shadow of a doubt…I’d be scared too! Meet El Fantasma Huracán, the ghost who has been said to haunt a soccer stadium.

A security guard working the night shift at the soccer stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, captured the ghost on camera around 11pm. In the video he insists that he keeps hearing noises and wants to film it so that others believe him. This video quickly went viral and the ghost was nicknamed El Fantasma Huracán. However, the stadium management claims that the video was filmed nearby and not onsite.

But you know what’s scarier than a ghost at a stadium (or near a stadium)? A demonic nun haunting a convent!

We got another for you! This photographer just wanted to capture the moment, but got more than what he bargained for. Was it a camera malfunction, or a sign from el diablo (the devil)? Seems a bit hard to explain…

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Feeling scared? Don’t worry, to end on a lighter note, here’s la virgencita. You see, not all apparitions are macabre…

A young boy discovered this patch of algae in Boyocá, Colombia, and claimed to have seen it move. Since then, many worshipers have gone to pay their respects to la Virgencita de Guadalupe. And because we need a win in the holy department we’re going to say this is a divine sign and not a demonic one–the now scary holy image of a nun is already more than we can handle.

You never know when a ghost or demon will make a surprise visit so, I’d be a bit more careful with the next picture you take. And if you’ve ever had a supernatural experience please share your story with us in the comments below! But first, hit the like button and share this article with all your friends. And while you’re at it, invite them to watch the new movie The Nun. You know, for moral support…

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer…if you dare. (will be an embed trailer)

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