7 Memes That Totally Describe What It Feels Like When That Direct Deposit Hits

There’s absolutely nothing better than payday. And nobody knows how to celebrate getting paid better than LatinXs do. We go hard when that money hits our bank! Whether it’s going on a full-out shopping spree, pimping out our rides, buying adults onesies… we’re truly unstoppable. We also like to indulge in a Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty® . And the great thing about a Frosty® ? They’re only 50¢! That means we can enjoy a Frosty®  and still afford to splurge on all our favorite millennial treats when it’s payday. Because let’s be real: we deserve it.

Here are 7 memes that totally describe what it feels like when that direct deposit hits.


Spending money on shoes is a way of life for any Latina. So of course we get excited when we’re paid and we can finally snag those cute shoes we’ve been dying for.


It doesn’t matter if we’re in the middle of listening to our favorite album, hanging out with friends or sleeping. When that direct deposit hits at midnight, we’re wide awake.


A couple that wears matching pajamas together… stays together, right?


Okay, even though most of our paycheck has to go towards things like bills, it doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves. Plus, Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty®  is totally in budget.


Payday is usually when we’re feeling our most confident. You can’t stop the swag that comes when we get our paycheck!


The possibilities are endless! Where do we even start?


Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty®

We know that we should be saving money, but we can’t help our spending ways.

The great thing about a Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty® is that it only costs half a dollar, so we can still be smart with our money and enjoy a delicious summer treat.

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