For Anyone That Gets Paid Twice A Month, This Is Too Real

For us working fools, there’s no greater moment than when that direct deposit hits the bank account every two weeks. Unfortunately that high is slowly replaced by feelings of fear as the bank account depletes to less than nothing. Scrambling to make ends meet might be part of being an adult, but it doesn’t mean we handle it like adults. Here’s a quick look the stages between paydays that we all go through…

When that direct deposit hits at midnight!



Day 1: Drinks are on you.


Cause you earned it.

Day 2: You leave tips like.


Money ain’t a thing, right?

Day 3: After a weekend of living large, you pause.

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Probably spent a little too much.

Day 4: You check the bank account to see the damage.

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You still have enough money to get you through the next few days.

Day 5: You remember rent’s due.

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Now you’ve got only a little left in the bank.

Day 6: To save money, you decide to cook at home.

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Oh right.

Day 7: You invite yourself to your parents’ for dinner.

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Try not to act like you haven’t eaten real food in a while.

Day 8: You put just enough gas in the tank to get you to work.

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Filling the tank is so overrated.

Day 9: For lunch, you eat canned goods that were hidden deep in your pantry.

Secret ingredient number 2. Ssshhhhh… #porkbrains #turkeyoff

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This has been in your apartment since before you moved in.

 Day 10: You and ATMs are no longer on speaking terms.


It’s that bad.

Day 11: Your card is declined at the store and you’ve got to make a phone call to move some money around.

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Day 12: Your friends go out, leaving you alone at home to suffer.

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More like you decided you couldn’t afford it.

Day 13: Having lost everything, you pray to God that you’ll be better with your money from now on.

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IT’S PAYDAY: When that you see that paycheck just got direct deposited at midnight.

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Your prayers have been answered.

Day 1: You’ll start being better with money tomorrow. Tonight you deserve to have fun!


And you wonder why you’re always broke.

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