Did Enrique Iglesias’ Father Ruin This Name For All Latinos?

He was born Quintorris Lopez Jones, but football fans best know him as Julio. Jones, a superstar wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, was nicknamed Julio in the 7th grade by his mother to honor a friend who had passed away, Al.Com reported in 2009. And it just stuck.

In a recent ESPN article, Julio Ricardo Varela explains what it was like growing up during an era when the most well-known Julio in pop culture was Julio Iglesias, singer of “painful Spanish-language ballads” and father of Enrique Iglesias. Of course there were a few other Julios around at that time, but they were eclipsed by Iglesias’ cheeseball vibe. For anyone who’s grown up somewhat embarrassed by their own name, Varela’s essay is a great read, and definitely something many of us can relate to.

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