Daddy Yankee’s New Zumba Song ‘Hula Hoop’ Is Definitely Not For Children

If you’ve been trying to find a way to combine your two favorite things (getting fit and breaking it all the way down), peep this banger from the Puerto Rican reggaetón superstar, Mr. Gasolina himself, Daddy Yankee! According to Billboard, Daddy Yankee has partnered with Zumba to create the song “Hula Hoop” for use in their classes.

The bass-heavy reggaetón track has a lyric video featuring flashing neon hula hoops and classic Zumba moves .


It’s got everything you’d expect from a Daddy Yankee Zumba video: hip shaking, hand-punching, lasers and a packed VIP section. What else do you need to work out and feel like you’re getting your life together? Yasss!

The video even shows you how to do the exercise on beat with a dancing cursor.


Rómpele! Rómpele! Rómpele! I know, it sounds a little repetitive, but believe me, you’ll feel the burn in no time.

It’s really a workout video in a sultry disguise. If you follow along, you’ll have a sick core in just a few short weeks.


Anyone out there breaking a sweat yet? One and two. Come on now. Three and four. You can do it!

Check the full video below and see if you can learn the lyrics and do the moves.


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Is combining Zumba and reggaetón the perfect way to get people to exercise? Tag a friend who would totally work out with you to this song below! 

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Daddy Yankee, Corina Smith, Gera MX & Christian Nodal and More Music You Need For Nu Music Fridays


Daddy Yankee, Corina Smith, Gera MX & Christian Nodal and More Music You Need For Nu Music Fridays

Welcome to Nu Music Fridays, where we give you our best picks of the week in Latin music released on Friday, April 23rd. Check out our full list below!

Daddy Yankee – “El Pony”

El Big Boss surprised fans with his latest release with “El Pony.” Watch him take you to the barn above.

Corina Smith – “Obviamente”

Venezuelan artist Corina Smith makes her intentions extremely clear in a sultry new single “Obviamente.” Shoutout to the bedazzled Sidekick in the lyric video that is Y2K goals.

Gera MX & Christian Nodal – “Botella Tras Botella”

If you’re feeling heartbroken, Gera MX and Christian Nodal have the perfect song for you to drown your sorrows with “Botella Tras Botella.”

Myke Towers – Lyke Mike album

The Young King said that this album wasn’t going to be commercial, and that he would go back to his SoundCloud/rap roots. Safe to say Myke delivered with Lyke Mike. The album comes packed with bars in over 23 songs.

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Guaynaa, Los Ángeles Azules – “Cumbia a la gente”

The song and genre crossover we never knew we needed. Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa goes cumbia with the help of Los Ángeles Azules.

Samantha Sanchez – “No Quiero Na'”

Spanish/Cuban pop singer Samantha Sanchez sings about self-love in her new single “No Quiero Na'”, which comes with a psychedelic-70s inspired music video to match the vibes.

Duki – Desde El Fin Del Mundo album

Argentine rapper and singer Duki released his new album Desde El Fin Del Mundo, which comes 18 songs and packed with collabs with YSY A, Rei, Lucho SSJ, Farina, Lara91K, Asan, Bizarrap, KHEA and more.

Deorro, Jon Z – “Ponte Pa’ Mi”

Mexican DJ Deorro recruited Puerto Rican Trap artist Jon Z for party banger “Ponte Pa’ Mi.”

Jesse Baez – “Limo”

Chicago-born, Guatemala-raised R&B singer Jesse Baez sings about his road to fame and success in “Limo.”

Farina & Arcangel – FlowRes album

FlowRes is the very first album in Latin music between a male and female artist in the Urban genre. Farina and Arcangel show their rapping skills in the 6-song EP.

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Marc Anthony Streams Concert For Free After Livestream Collapse, Fans React on Twitter


Marc Anthony Streams Concert For Free After Livestream Collapse, Fans React on Twitter

Salsa superstar Marc Anthony was set to have his global livestream concert “Una Noche” Saturday, April 17 at 8 p.m. EST. He was supposed to perform his greatest hits and fans were hyped about a Daddy Yankee cameo. However, the concert never happened on its initial date. Here’s what went down.

The livestream was supposed to start on Saturday, April 17 at 8 p.m. EST through the Maestro platform. 

The Maestro platform has in the past streamed events like the Fortnite World Cup, NBA, Coachella, and more live events.

At the time of the concert, it was estimated to have sold over 100,000 tickets starting at $25 each and fans from over 85 countries were going to watch the historic event. 

Marc Anthony posted on his Instagram that they were working through technical difficulties.

By 1 a.m. EST on Sunday that they finally pulled the plug and announced the cancellation. 

“Due to the overwhelming demand that caused a complete collapse of the streaming platform,” Anthony said in a statement. “I am deeply sorry for this technology failure that unfortunately was out of our control.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions/memes to #MarcAnthonyUnaNoche.

Marc, being the class act that he is, posted a lengthy apology and assured fans that he would work on getting their refunds and that the people that waited so long to watch him in concert, will in fact get a chance to see the show.

To make it up to his fans, Anthony shared the original livestream for free on his YouTube channel for 24 hours.

For 24 hours, fans were able to watch the show from the original livestream. Anthony again reassured fans that their tickets would be refunded.

At last, Marc Anthony fans, we got our concert!

While the experience wasn’t as smooth as intentionally planned, Marc was a man of his word and the concert was a delight for many fans worldwide.

Thank you Marc for your commitment to your fans!

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