Can Cuban MMA fighter Yoel Romero become a UFC Champ?

Meet Yoel Romero. He’s a nice guy…


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Romero is an MMA fighter who goes by the nickname “The Soldier of God.”  

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He currently holds an 11-1 in the UFC and could soon be fighting for a UFC championship belt.

Not bad for a guy who is 38 years old.

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Don’t let his age fool you, Romero is in his prime. He’s hasn’t lost a fight since joining the UFC in 2013. The Cuban native has won seven fights in a row, five by knockout.

He’s also a world champion wrestler and an Olympian.

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Representing Cuba in the 2000 Olympics in Athens, Romero took the silver medal in freestyle wrestling. He placed fourth in the 2004 Olympic games and won the 1999 World Wrestling Championships.

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And he uses those wrestling skills in the cage:

Earlier this year, Romero showed he was for real when he knocked out former UFC Light Heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida. He used his wrestling…

And then he finished Machida off with a series of vicious elbows.

Before the fame, there was Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.

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Romero was a product of Cuba’s athletic development program, which meant he was training to be a wrestler at an early age. Romero told MMA Junkie that he originally wanted to try judo – that’s the martial art Ronda Rousey is known for – but a coach told him he had the body of a wrestler.

After his success in freestyle wrestling, Romero wanted to expand his career. He defected from Cuba in 2005 after a wrestling tournament in Germany.

He had to leave his family, but his gamble paid off.

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Romero had to be patient once he moved to the US. He worked as a wrestling coach after leaving Cuba and didn’t get his first pro MMA fight until 2009.

Although he made it to the US, he’s still hungry for more.

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“He likes fighting more than eating food.” That’s a quote from one of his trainers. Romero is known for his tireless work ethic and tip-top shape.

And next time he gets his hands raised in the Octagon, Romero is hoping there’s a title belt to go along with it.

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Meet Diego Garijo: MMA Fighter By Day, Fierce Drag Queen By Night


Meet Diego Garijo: MMA Fighter By Day, Fierce Drag Queen By Night

It may seem like the world of MMA fighting and the world of drag are in two completely different solar systems. One is all about how strong you are, your ability to literally take gut punches and withstand physical attacks. The other is about cultivating your art and allowing your inner self to shine through. But dig a little deeper and you see that both are all about being the fiercest version of yourself.

One man seems to have figured that out long before all of us, as he’s been straddling both worlds for years as renowned MMA fighter Diego Garijo in the ring and as fierce drag queen Lola by night.

Diego Garijo is the straight, drag ally we need right now.

Diego Garijo is an imposing figure in the ring. He’s 41-years-old and covered in tattoos with a recorded seven victories in the ring before suffering a detached retina and having to put the sport on hold. But he’s since come back with a vengeance and got into bare-knuckle boxing.

For Garijo, fighting is an art form through which he entertains. Becoming ‘Lola Pistola’ allows another part of himself to shine and fulfill his need for artistic expression.

Garijo says that drag and MMA have more in common than we might think.

While being a drag queen may seem a world away from being an MMA fighter, Garijo has expressed his belief that the two pastimes actually work well together.

In an interview with VICE, 41-year-old Garijo said that he gets ‘a lot of love from people in the drag scene, as well as the trans and gay communities.’ He stressed that his support doesn’t stop there, as Lola is also loved by ‘big tough fighters’.

Garijo commented: ‘Maybe they are also hiding an element of themselves that they would like to bring out more.’

His story as an immigrant has also played a major part in his creativity and art forms.

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Garijo was smuggled into the US as a child. And as a youth, spent many of his years serving time in prison, which is where he got into fighting.

As for getting into drag; Garijo says that really began when he was a child, with a photo of him as a six-year-old wearing his mother’s underwear. He was brought up without a father and says he had a couple of gay cousins, so he ‘wasn’t exposed to many traditional masculine stereotypes.’

He continued: ‘Maybe that’s why I can be very feminine. I think people wonder if I’m gay, but they don’t understand that femininity and sexual preference are two completely different things.’

After being bullied as a child he has found that ‘art and fighting’ offer an outlet to the trauma he carries with him, and both through fighting and creating ‘a personality that has no shame’, he feels is able to ‘take a step forward in combat when others would take a step back.’

Currently, Diego is filming a new documentary about his life journey. His dear friend John Padilla serves as writer, director and producer of the project that they hope will find a home at Netflix.

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Argentinian MMA Fighter Took Down Man Who Tried To Steal Her Phone

Things That Matter

Argentinian MMA Fighter Took Down Man Who Tried To Steal Her Phone

There are few things more aggravating and devastating than someone stealing your phone. Smartphones have become an extension of us. Everything is on there. So, when one man tried to steal one from a woman in Argentina, he wasn’t ready for the beatdown of his life.

One thief learned a lesson he won’t soon forget.

A viral video is showing on thief’s hard-learned lesson. A man in Argentina tried to steal a smartphone from an unsuspecting woman. What he wasn’t prepared for was that the woman is an MMA fighter. It was long after he took the phone that he learned that the woman, identified as Brisa, was not someone to be messed with.

Like most people in the world, the 4-foot-11 woman was tired of being on reduced wages because of Covid. She spent a long time saving up money to buy a new smartphone and was furious when the man tried to run away with it.

Brisa was ready to take the man on the moment he snatched her phone.

According to reports, Brisa and her friend immediately gave chase to the man who stole the phone. They yelled for people to help them apprehend the thief and he was finally stopped by a group of workers.

When he was stopped, Brisa finally got her phone back, but that wasn’t it for the thief. Brisa then delivered a series of blows to teach the man a thing or two about stealing from her.

“I refused to accept this guy coming along and making more than half my wages in three seconds,” Brisa told Nostros a La Mañana. “Hopefully this guy never steals again. I was lucky because I know how to defend myself as I practice MMA, but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

People on social media are celebrating her moment of vigilante justice.

This is not the first time a man has tried to steal from a woman in Latin America and suffered severe punishment. Last year, a man tried to steal a phone from a woman in Brazil who turned out to be an MMA fighter. The man was also taught a valuable lesson.

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