Can Cuban MMA fighter Yoel Romero become a UFC Champ?

Meet Yoel Romero. He’s a nice guy…


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Romero is an MMA fighter who goes by the nickname “The Soldier of God.”  romero-fighting-501166182

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He currently holds an 11-1 in the UFC and could soon be fighting for a UFC championship belt.

Not bad for a guy who is 38 years old.

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Don’t let his age fool you, Romero is in his prime. He’s hasn’t lost a fight since joining the UFC in 2013. The Cuban native has won seven fights in a row, five by knockout.

He’s also a world champion wrestler and an Olympian.

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Representing Cuba in the 2000 Olympics in Athens, Romero took the silver medal in freestyle wrestling. He placed fourth in the 2004 Olympic games and won the 1999 World Wrestling Championships.

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And he uses those wrestling skills in the cage:


Earlier this year, Romero showed he was for real when he knocked out former UFC Light Heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida. He used his wrestling…


And then he finished Machida off with a series of vicious elbows.


Before the fame, there was Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.

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Romero was a product of Cuba’s athletic development program, which meant he was training to be a wrestler at an early age. Romero told MMA Junkie that he originally wanted to try judo – that’s the martial art Ronda Rousey is known for – but a coach told him he had the body of a wrestler.

After his success in freestyle wrestling, Romero wanted to expand his career. He defected from Cuba in 2005 after a wrestling tournament in Germany.

He had to leave his family, but his gamble paid off.

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Romero had to be patient once he moved to the US. He worked as a wrestling coach after leaving Cuba and didn’t get his first pro MMA fight until 2009.

Although he made it to the US, he’s still hungry for more.

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“He likes fighting more than eating food.” That’s a quote from one of his trainers. Romero is known for his tireless work ethic and tip-top shape.

And next time he gets his hands raised in the Octagon, Romero is hoping there’s a title belt to go along with it.


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Demi Lovato Will Be Singing The National Anthem At The Boxing Match, Maybe Next Time She’ll Get Her Own Fight


Demi Lovato Will Be Singing The National Anthem At The Boxing Match, Maybe Next Time She’ll Get Her Own Fight

@ddlovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato has been tapped to sing the national anthem at the upcoming Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor on August 26. The pop star has long been vocal, and visible, about her love for the world of mixed martial arts, so it isn’t a total surprise that she would be associated with a highly anticipated fight.

Demi Lovato first started to show off her love of all things mixed martial arts (MMA) towards the end of last year.

?????? kickin @jayglazer's ass at my oasis @unbreakableperformance #elbowlife

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She has made it a point to train with people who are very much involved with the upper echelons of MMA. It was even reported that the singer wanted to have a true, legitimate MMA fight. That said, it isn’t totally surprising that UFC would tap the singer to sing the national anthem.

She has put her training to the test by going against Sylvester Stallone.

Okay. Clearly, Stallone let her win but who else can say they got to rumble with Rocky?

Lovato has expressed that MMA helped her break the boredom of her traditional workouts.

? you @officialdaniellemartin ?

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“Sometimes I get really bored when I do just an hour of cardio, so sometimes I struggle with boredom,” Lovato told PEOPLE. “But that’s why I like to train MMA, because it keeps it exciting.”

She even dated BJJ black belt and MMA fighter Guilherme ”Bomba” Vasconcelos at one point.

When you kick bae's ass ??? #jiujitsu @bombatuf

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And, quite frankly, she owned him in the gym. ?

But, the burning question is, will Lovato plug her Fabletics clothing line?

Only watching her performance will tell.

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Meet The New Women’s UFC Champ Who Just Made History


Meet The New Women’s UFC Champ Who Just Made History

UFC / @Amanda_Leoa / Twiitter

Brazilian MMA fighter Amanda Nunes made history at UFC 200. Not only is she the first Brazilian-born woman to win a UFC belt, she also the first openly gay UFC champion.

Tá Escrito @xandedepilares / the written @americantopteam

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Credit: Amanda_Leoa / Instagram

The 28-year-old defeated Miesha Tate by rear naked choke in the first round of their UFC 200 fight, making her the new owner of the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship belt.

This is what her opponent, Miesha Tate, looked like after the fight.

Credit: UFC / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: UFC / YouTube


But Nunes wasn’t always the Lioness of the Ring.

Best friends… We just didn't know it yet. / Eramos melhores amigas no passado, separadas pelo oceano.?

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Nunes’ path to UFC champ started in Salvador, Brazil, where she first learned karate at the age of 4 years old.

#tbt Eu e Sebastião Sinho ?

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Not pictured, karate.

Through years of training and hard work, Nunes’ career took her from Brazil to the U.S. In 2008, she had her first MMA match, which she lost by submission.

giphy (22)

Amanda’s in white.

The loss didn’t deter her, and once she made the jump to the UFC, Nunes made the most out of it.

Nunes has won six out of her seven UFC fights and has won her last four fights.

With the help of her partner and trainer, Nina Ansaroff, Amanda shows just how far love can take a person, saying, “This girl, she helps me everyday. I love her.”

The champ is home! #att #champmandy

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Nina was in her corner during the fight, and celebrated every moment.

“To have our very first openly gay champion shows you how far this sport has come.” – UFC vice president Dave Sholler.

Amanda Nunes
Credit: UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship / YouTube

“When you talk about all the great moments, having Amanda carry the flag literally and figuratively for the gay community is a seminal moment for our sport,” said Stoller to USA Today.

Nunes has also inspired the UFC to release a shirt with rainbow text featuring the phrase “We are all fighters.”

After her historic victory, Nunes said, “The most important thing is I’m happy with my life. This is the most important thing.”

Championships come and go, but love is always love.

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