Watch Chicharito Explain Why He Completely Buzzed His Head

Mexican soccer star Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is best known for his innate goal-scoring ability…

Credit: Sky Sports

Yes, he scored that with the back of his head.

… Not his haircuts.

Leave that to Cristiano Ronaldo.

For most of his career, the Little Pea has sported this no-nonsense haircut:

Is it stylish? No. Does it look terrible? No. It’s just a regular-ass haircut.

Actually, there was a brief period where Chicharito was trying out the “young Luis Miguel” look.

Credit: Univision / Warner Music en Español

And he was just a few hairs short from pulling it off.

Credit: Univision

Anyway, just when Chicharito went back to his old, modest haircut…

… he revealed he’s now bald.

Credit: ch14_instagram

Apparently, Hernandez lost a Super Bowl bet to Mexican sports reporter Sergio Dipp.

Dipp wrote: “For Super Bowl 51, I made a bet with someone… will he pay?” That “someone” was Chicharito, who apparently bet Dipp that the Atlanta Falcons would win the Super Bowl. We all know how that went.

Chicharito made good on the bet, showing everyone on social media the price he paid for the loss: his hair.

“Here I am, like a good tapatio… paying (the bet),” said Chicharito.

With this move, it’s clear Chicharito continues to live by this motto:

Credit: Univision

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