If You Describe Café Tacvba’s New Video To Someone, You’ll Probably Just Confuse Them

Credit: Café Tacvba / YouTube

“Es una cuestión de tiempo, tan breve este momento.”

If you feel like you’ve been living in bizarro world for the last few weeks, you may not want to watch “Futuro,” the latest music video by Café Tacvba. It’ll only make things worse.

How bizarre is it? Let’s see… There’s a little EPN dancing alongside a twerking Pope.

Credit: Café Tacvba / YouTube

There’s also what appears to be a border patrol agent dancing with a skirt-wearing Donald Trump.

Credit: Café Tacvba / YouTube

Oh, and the band, with each member wearing a unique costume, is flying around on a bus with wings.

Credit: Café Tacvba / YouTube

The target audience for this video is pretty clear:

All jokes aside, the band describes “Futuro” as a song created to remind listeners how ephemeral our lives are on this planet. Watching this weird-ass video may help you realize that even if you feel like you’re in in the Twilight Zone right now, things could actually be even stranger.

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