Bruno Mars Makes Us Believe in Love Again

Bruno Mars *sigh*… He’s got the dreamy smile and this Latino always knows what to say to make girls weak in the knees.

All he wants to do is adore you.

Credit: inmycreations / Tumblr

He makes you feel like you’re God’s gift.

Credit: immycreations / Tumblr

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He’s the kind of guy who sees no flaw in you.

Credit: lomasdope / Tumblr

And would never let your love die out.

Credit: lomasdope.com

He’s adorable, even when he’s mad.

Credit: quotethattalk / Tumblr

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And recognizes when he’s wrong #Unheardof.

Credit: lomasdope / Tumblr

Even his dirty talk is sweet.

Credit: quotethattalk / Tumblr

And he knows the exact words every girl wants to hear.

Credit: sssckme / Tumblr


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