10 Reasons Why Latinos Never Move Out Of Their Parents’ House

You’re the only person among your friends, who still lives at home. You get teased and asked if you’ll ever leave the nest. Sure, you don’t have the freedom or space they do, but living with your parents has serious perks. Here’s why you have no plans to move out.

1. You’re Saving Money. Duh.

2. You Never Go Hungry

3. Meals Are Made to Order

4. You’re Guaranteed Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi

5. A Clean Home Is a Happy Home

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The house is always spotless. Mom may peek through your drawers and go through your laundry, but at least you can sleep at night knowing your place won’t be infested with roaches.

6. You Live With Your Best Friend

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And you get to see him every day!

7. You’re in a Judgment-Free Zone

8. You Have a Personal Nurse


9. There’s Always a Helping Hand


10. There’s a Family Party Every Weekend