Morgan Mule Really Is The Best Drink For Latinos, Here’s Why:

There are some drinks that are ubiquitous with Latino happy hours: mojitos, pisco sours, coquito. But a tried-and-true bar classic can also take a place on the top shelf – the Morgan Mule. This is why it needs to be on every Latino’s menu.

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  • It’s easy to make: There is no sugar cane that you have to muddle, no egg white that you have to whip up. All you do is pour ginger ale into a glass with ice, add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, ginger ale, and mix!
  • We already have the garnishes in our pantry: Latinos LOVE limes (what else would we use for our Takis or Hot Cheetos?!) and our abuelitas know the cure for an upset stomach is some mint tea. So there you go, garnishes you don’t have to go run to the store for each time you want to make the drink.
  • It’s a fusion of flavors: As Latino #foodies, we love to fuse together classics like pan dulce and ice cream (yes, that is a thing now.) The Morgan Mule is a cooling combo of sweet and sour.
  • You can make your bar cart look snazzy: Take it up a notch when you’re serving your next cocktail at home. Pour your Morgan Mules into a fancy chilled glass.
  • It’s reusable for other dishes: Latinos are the OG recyclers. Our abuelas and mamas used cookie tins for their sewing kits and cleaned butter tubs held frijoles overnight. Nothing goes to waste! Do you have some extra rum left over from a night of making Morgan Mules? Use the extra liquor to make some Belize rum cake! It’s cake with a kick!
  • The taste is soft enough to pair with some classic Latino snacks: Morgan Mules are not overpowering where the only thing you can pair it with is a bowl full of ceviche. Not here fam. You can place snacks like cacahuates japones from Mexico, cancha salada (toasted corn snacks from Peru and Ecuador), or nachos.
  • It’s refreshing on the beach: Latinos love to soak in the sun on the beach.  Take this drink down to the sand and stick a little umbrella in it to be extra.
  • It’s ready to celebrate with you! Salud!

There you have it. Next time it’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere, toast with a mix of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, ginger, lime, and mint, for a delicious #MorganMule!

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