9 Ways Our Abuelas Are The Ultimate Holiday Hero

For us Latinos, abuelas are the force that keeps the family together, the ones who pass traditions to the younger generations and the ones who always find a way to make each of us feel special in a unique way.

Abuelas are the best. They are the best cooks, the best storytellers, the best gifters, the best at teaching you stuff and the best at never losing their patience, even when you are driving everyone else crazy with your berrinche.

Are you lucky enough to still have an abuela in your life? Then your holidays are probably epic and you can thank her for that. Who needs Santa when you have an abuela that will cook your favorite food, tell you the best stories and give you all the love in the world.

So, to honor them and Disney/Pixar’s Coco, here are the 9 reasons why your abuela is the ultimate holiday hero…

1. Your abuela always cooks you your favorite dish.

If you close your eyes and think of the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten on a holiday party, chances are it’s something your abuela made especially for you. Yes, abuelas can cook 27 different dishes to please everyone and they do it happily because that’s what they do, they make us happy.


2. They always take your side and encourage you to follow your heart.

You have been talking nonstop about your new plans and everyone in the family is rolling their eyes but your abuela is genuinely interested and wants to hear all the details. Thank her the next time you see her, for always encouraging you to follow your dreams and to listen to your heart.


3. They get you the present you wanted the most.

Remember when your parents were trying to teach you a lesson and they got you only one gift on the long list you made? But luckily for you, your abuela was there to get you all that you really wanted even if it meant that she had to spend more than she could. Yes, that’s how much she loves you.


4. They are always up for whatever crazy idea you may have.

You want to have luchas at the party? You want to make everyone wear a costume? You are thinking of bringing mariachis? While most of your family members are usually trying to discourage your ideas, your abuela always thinks they are genius.


5. They always remember your birthday.

In a world where you only get Facebook messages to congratulate you on your birthday, you can always count on your abuela to wake you up with a phone call at 6am singing “Las Mañanitas” to put a smile on your face.


6. They have the best stories.

Abuelas know that family secrets are overrated and they can always make celebrations more interesting by sharing all her amazing stories from their childhood and from your parent’s days as kids. Sit down around the dinner table (with some homemade hot chocolate) and enjoy the best family stories told by the one who knows them best, your abuela.


7. They always send you home with delicious leftovers

Your abuela will never let you leave her house empty handed and you can bet your bottom dollar that she has already filled all her empty butter containers with food that will make you and your friends very happy for a whole week. That way, the holiday can last for as long as you have leftovers in the fridge.


8. They always allow you to invite as many friends as you want

Yes, holidays with the family are fun, but holidays with friends and family are better. While your mom and aunts are always worried that there is not enough food to feed all your friends, for your abuela, the more the merrier and she always has the last word.

9. Abuela’s got the moves

While younger generations are usually super embarrassed dancing at family events, your abuela never holds back once the music starts. Her experience has taught her that you never EVER say no to dancing.


Why is your abuela your ultimate holiday hero? Share this and let us know! Don’t forget, Disney/Pixar’s Coco is in theaters November 22nd. A movie for everyone who loves their abuela 🙂

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