9 Ways Latinos Are Raised To Be Bosses

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If we’re being completely honest, we’ve got to admit that Latinos make some amazing entrepreneurs…it’s pretty much woven into the very core of who we are, and from a very young age. Here are 9 reasons why Latinos make amazing entrepreneurs.

1. We’re used to being told exactly how it is. 

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Part of being a successful entrepreneur is hearing criticism and taking it in stride–which is something growing up Latinx will totally prepare you for. For instance, our tias will always tell us if our clothes aren’t on point or if we’re eating too much. They’ll always call us out and put us in our place, which ultimately teaches us how to hear and take criticism.

2. Our moms threatened us with the chancla if we didn’t keep up our grades in school.

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Looking back, this was actually a good tactic. Sure, threats of the chancla were a bit scary–but it taught us to always keep up on our studies and to excel in school.

3. We’re used to dealing with a lot of people.

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If you grew up Latino, you’re probably constantly surrounded by family and friends. Whether it’s your little cousins following you around everywhere, or your abuela’s church friends, we’re always used to talking to different demographics…which is a super valuable skill when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

4. We come from hard-working families.


Latinos are hard workers and that’s a fact. Most of our parents came from other countries to make it in the U.S., and they’re always working. What is a vacation? What is a day off? Latinos sure don’t know it. We work our butts off at every opportunity we’re given.

 5. We have to fight to make our voice heard…literally, our families are so loud.


Latinos can be a loud bunch and there’s no denying it. If you grew up in a Latino family, then you know you have to constantly fight to have your voice heard…which makes us great at talking in front of large crowds. We’re not afraid to work hard and let our voice and opinions be known.

6. Most of us are bilingual.


Even if we aren’t fluent Spanish, we know all the important words from just growing up hearing it around us. Speaking another language is definitely helpful when being an entrepreneur.

7. We’re used to everyone being all up in our business.

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Our moms, tios, primos, and abuelas are constantly asking us about our personal business. Where are you going? Who are you going with? Did you gain weight? It never stops.

 8. We’re good with money because we’ve worked hard for it.

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If there’s one thing our parents have instilled in us, it’s to work hard for the money that you earn. We never take any financial situation for granted, because we know how hard our parents and grandparents have worked to make it. Being smart with our money is basically second-nature.

9. We know how to handle dramatic situations thanks to telenovelas.

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Telenovelas have taught us a lot…they’ve taught us that there’s always an evil twin, that there’s always a villain trying to sabotage us, and they’ve always taught us how to deal with drama. Nothing can stress us out when you think about it, because we’re already super well-versed in the most stressful situations, thanks to our favorite telenovelas.

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