Latinos Don’t Do Anything Basic. And Golf is Next on the List.

Golf is not commonly known as a sport that Latinos excel at but we have a lineage in golf and the Latino people have been some of the greatest golfers in the world. Lorena Ochoa, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Lee Trevino have proven that. There is plenty of room for Latino culture in golf and we have a few things you may have not known are allowed on the course! We’re about to Latinx-fy the golf course.

1. You can get extra with your outfit.


We’re sure you’ve seen the standard khaki on the course, right? Well, it’s not required! You actually have the choice to wear any colors and designs you want! Why not get a little flashy with some culture twists on the golf outfit. Rickie Fowler has coordinated with just about every color there is, and we’re not mad at all about it. You can even wear your favorite straw sombrero, as long as it isn’t much larger than the Cuban fedora!

2. Bring some Horchata for mid game refreshment!

wikimedia / flickr

Many Golf Courses have a Beverage Cart Attendant that mostly carry water and coffee. Tip them generously and find a way to get you some Horchata on the cart! What better way to recharge your game than with an iced horchata on the course!

3. Practice your dance moves on the golf course!


The opening-drive shot celebration is the perfect time for showing that your hip swaying skills aren’t just for your golf swing! You can dance a quick salsa or you can fight the bull like Chi Chi Rodriguez used to do!

4. Pimp My Golf Cart


The golf cart doesn’t have to look so boring anymore. Why not get to the next hole in style with your low-rider golf cart! Customizations don’t need to stop there. As long as you follow your Course rules on Golf carts then you should be able to really bring your game up a new notch!

5. Celebrate Your Big Shots In Style


Now, you don’t have to use it for every shot as that might upset your opponents but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a mariachi celebrate your game winning shot? Some golf courses actually let you do that and as long as you aren’t interfering with someone’s swing then get hyped with your favorite mariachi band!

6. You can customize your ball marks

It’s recommended your ball mark be round and flat as you have to be delicate when placing ball marks on the green. Why not use something much tastier and just as delicate, like a mazapan! Mark your golf ball placement with something fun and legal on the course! If your opponent finds it distracting then you would want to courteously remove it but your stomach wouldn’t mind that!

7. Use traditional cake to start your game!


Choosing who goes first in golf can be a hassle if you don’t know how to choose, traditionally. Why not make a game of it before swinging the clubs! You can put your golf twist on another traditional game, Rosca de Reyes. Instead, you can make a Rosca-like cake (we’re not committing blasphemy if it’s just inspired by la Rosca) and instead of looking for the baby, you’re looking for the golf ball inside the cake! Whoever finds it goes first (and everyone has a snack before the game).

Golf has it’s own set of unwritten rules but most of them revolve around respecting your opponent. They’re pretty open as to what you can have on the golf course within reason. Chi Chi Rodriguez championed individuality and he’s a hall of fame golfer! So, get to the golf course and have fun the way only Latinos can!

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