These Are Some Things My Mamá Does Every Time She Gets In My Car

It may be true for some moms to think this day was created as an excuse to spend money on them, but in reality all they want is for you to call them or just spend time with them. So, since Mother’s Day is just around the corner you already know what your santa madre expects from you.

Your mom wants to be celebrated BIG. She gave you the gift of life so she expects for you to go out of your way to make her feel like the queen she is. She wants you to pick her up in that cool Toyota you drive, blast JuanGa on the speakers as you drive her to that packed restaurant she loves so much.

This sounds like no big deal, except when you remember that Latina moms are not just passengers, they are the captains of the ship and these are the 7 things they always do when they ride with you.

1. Complain that you never clean your car

It doesn’t matter if you just washed it, it’s still sucio. It doesn’t matter how hard you try it will never measure up to your mom’s cleaning standards.

2. Your music is always too loud

Your mom will never understand your love of rap or reggaeton and your constant need to listen to it so loud. According to her, all the music you listen to sounds exactly the same.

3. Fake break

Have you ever caught your mom pretending to step on the break while you drive? Moms are always super alert when you drive and according to them you are never careful. So their reflexes kick in every time they are in the passenger seat. Haven’t seen her doing it? Just look at her feet next time you approach a red light.

4. San Ramoncito

According to some Latina moms, God and all the santitos have a big part in the parking situation. So whenever you are looking for a parking spot, she will summon all the higher beings to make it happen. Who does your mom pray to? My mom has San Ramoncito: “San Ramoncito, búscame un lugarcito” (which BTW always works).

5. The jumping and the gasping

Latina moms are not very good at keeping their cool when you drive. If a car a mile ahead of you changes lanes, they’ll jump right out of their seats and yell “CUIDADO” or just gasp loud enough that you might have a micro heart attack. Don’t even waste your energy in asking her not to do it. It’s a mom thing, it’s in her DNA.

6. Cursing

That beautiful and celestial being that is your mom could also win a cursing competition. She might behave like a perfect lady but once she hits the passenger seat, she becomes a cursing machine. She will curse in English and in Spanish. So you know that when you drive with mom, you roll the windows up and crank up the A/C.

7. The lucky charm

Your mom always wants to protect you. This is why the day she saw your Toyota for the first time she gave you a lucky charm to protect it. That charm is powerful, it has all it’s default powers that the universe has bestowed on it as well as all your mom’s love. So keep it always in your car.

What other things does your Latina mom do while riding in your car? Which are the things that drive you craziest?

Whatever she does, remember that she loves you more than anything, so go out of your way to make this Mother’s Day extra special for her.

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