Did You Know There Is A Loophole To Adulthood?

You might be asking yourself what a Giant Junior is. And no, we’re not talking about a certain Chava from a certain TV series—you know which one we’re talking about, but that’s an entirely different type of junior! The Giant Juniors we’re talking about are those lucky enough to live at home after college. Yup, they’re pretty much geniuses that have managed to extend the good ol’ days while still enjoying the perks of adulthood. They truly get to enjoy the best of both worlds! That’s why Wendy’s is celebrating the genius of Giant Juniors with their Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. Starting to get jelly? Not quite? Well, keep reading and you WILL!

1.    They have major dollar, dollar bills y’all

Being young these days is almost synonymous with having a nonexistent savings account especially after buying furniture, paying rent, utilities, groceries…and the list goes on, and on. Well guess what, that’s not the case for Giant Juniors. Even after chipping in some money to help out their parents, not having to pay rent leaves them with extra cash they can use to make it rain on whatever they want. Just think about that for a second. They have money to blow…have we blown your mind yet?

2.    They eat the best food

Living at home means your papi and mami will NOT let you go hungry. Feeding you is one of the many ways they show you how much they care. That’s right, being a Giant Junior has lots of perks—like getting spoiled with delicious food. So it’s not uncommon to come home to a delicious treat like the juicy Giant Junior Bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s.

3.    They get to postpone adulting

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know you’re eager to grow up and move out. Being an adult is the dream. Wrong! Yes, living on your own can be fun, but it also means you have to worry about things like paying your utilities on time, taking care of yourself when you get sick, ordering your own cable, etc., etc. Well, for the most part, Giant Juniors don’t need to worry about all that. Sure, they still have some bills to pay, but it’s nothing compared to having your own place. Oh, and if anything goes wrong, your “roommates” are there to help!

4.    They have the BEST roommates

Is your roommate stealing your food again? Did you wake up to another stranger at the breakfast table? Roommate horror stories are waaaaay too common. Well, not for Giant Juniors. That’s right! They have the best roommates anyone can ask for—their ‘amá and ‘apá.

5.    They earn major brownie points with their parents

Giant Juniors are their parent’s heroes: they help fix their TV, they teach their parents how to use social media, and on occasions they save the day by translating manuals, medicine labels, etc. Let’s face it, being able to help out your parents is the best feeling.

6.    Less chores

When you live at home your mom does ALL the cleaning. Every day, you wake up to a perfectly ironed shirt and a delicious breakfast, and when you’re done eating your mom washes your plate and makes your bed. Ok, maybe we exaggerated a tiny bit, but let’s be honest, cleaning is so much better with your mom around—the cumbia and merengue dance parties are THE BEST. Plus, you don’t have to worry about doing ALL the housework.

7.    They get to practice their Spanish todo el tiempo (all the time)

Comadrear with tu mami while enjoying a delicious cup of her café de olla is the best! It’s great way to get some mother-daughter bonding time and catch up on the latest chismes. Not a bad way to practice your Spanish, don’t you think?

And now that you know how awesome it is to live at home, call up your ‘amá or your ‘apá and tell them que ya vas pa’ ‘lla. We’re sure they’ll be thrilled. You’re welcome!

That’s what #Winning is all about!

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