7 Hacks That Only Latina Moms Know For Beating The Heat This Summer

The summer heat can be absolutely brutal. The humidity! The non-stop sweating! The sunburn! Luckily, us Latina moms are pros at finding inventive ways to beat the heat. It makes sense – ingenuity is in the very fabric of who we are. Whether it’s finding out how to keep our clothes cool or heading to the local Wendy’s* and ordering a Frosty®  for a mere 50¢, we know all the tricks of the trade. These are all the best ways that we know how to beat the heat and, because Latina moms are awesome, we’re sharing them with you.

1. Put your clothes in the freezer before wearing them.

beat the heat

Yes, it’s that brilliant of an idea! Who doesn’t want to toss on some clothes that feel ice-cold? Simply stick your t-shirts and pantalones in the freezer, watch the most recent episode of your telenovela, then take them out, pop them on and ZAS! It’s like wearing an air conditioner. You’re welcome.

2. Hang out in the mall and take advantage of that sweet, sweet A.C.

Sure, all of the mall employees will be like, “Why has that person been here for eight hours?” but who cares?! Malls, like movie theaters, have the best air conditioning ever. Just spend the whole day there! You’ll completely forget that it’s absolutely scorching outside.

3. Stop by Wendy’s and order a 50¢ Frosty® .

When it’s hot outside, nothing beats a cold sweet treat. And when that sweet treat happens to cost just 50¢ … you best believe we’re getting one (or two). Us Latina moms are all about that frugal life, so you know we’re huge fans of the 50¢ Frosty®  at Wendy’s.

4. Put a box fan in the window.


Who says you need an expensive air conditioner when you sleep? Just pop your beloved box fan in your window and let the cool times roll. It’s like an icy cold angel, flapping you to sleep with its wings.

5. Put a wet paper towel around a drink and stick it in the fridge.

You can never have enough cold beverages during the summer. So here’s a special little hack from us Latina moms: put a wet paper towel around, say, a can of cola, and stick that baby in the fridge. It’ll get super cool in no time, and then you can quench that summer thirst ASAP.

6. Create a garbage bag slip & slide.


Don’t have a slip and slide? Don’t fret. Moms to the rescue! All you need is a few garbage bags and a hose. Just lay them out on the lawn, spray them with water and BAM. You have your very own DIY slip and slide. Just, uh, check for rocks before diving in.

7. Iced cafecito ice cubes.

Cafecito practically runs through our veins, but how can anyone drink a steaming hot cup of it in the summer? Easy. Just pour the cafecito into an ice cube tray, and enjoy it iced for that extra little kick. You can try them by themselves as a little frozen snack or put them in your iced coffee for double cooling power! We’re geniuses. We know.

All of these sacred mom-hacks will help you beat the heat. But, the best hack of them all is Wendy’s 50¢ Frosty®. So get out there, grab one, and stay cool this summer.

Small size Frosty offer at participating U.S. Wendy’s®, for a limited time. Price and participation may vary in AK and HI. © 2018 Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC.

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