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These Latinos Prove That They’re More Than A Filtered Selfie

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We all love a perfectly-lit #selfie on Instagram, but social media has given us a platform not just for posting our most flattering pics, but an opportunity to create social change. Similar to the social movement that Captain Morgan is leading, these young Latinos are using social media to create social change for issues that matter to them!

1.Yarel Ramos

Un fin de semana – de cumple- super especial.. compartiendo con amigas con mucho ?

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The queen bee of NBC Universo, Yarel, lets her followers in on her glam lifestyle full of red carpet-ready gowns, celebrity interviews and worldly travels. But Ramos also uses the #grams she posts as an opportunity to spread awareness about children living in poverty. In between her studio breaks, Ramos can be seen smiling while building homes in Peru or bringing toys to children in need in Baja California.

2. @nopalera_

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She’s Chicana – and you’re gonna hear her ROAR! Evelyn Gómez will make you proud of your heritage, whether she’s posting artsy photos of classic vinyl albums your abuela used to listen to or showing how she is an active part of human rights organizations, including her recent marches to raise awareness about the teachers of the CSU system.

3. Andrew Rodriguez


This year’s road to the White House may seem to have thrown all our political beliefs into a loop, but there’s still hope for a true government for the people, by the people – especially if young Latinos are concerned.

Andrew Rodriguez didn’t let his fresh face or fresher credentials stop him from shaking up a Walnut city council that was made up of middle-age professionals. Instead of backing down, Rodriguez used his youthful spirit and ace social media skills to win votes. Much of his campaign budget was dedicated to creating Facebook content. His social savvy skills paid off when he won a seat on the city’s council as the youngest council member ever elected in his hometown.

4. Nicole Castillo


CREDIT: Twitter/@niccastillo1017

Nicole Castillo is your modern-day Latinx Renaissance woman. The blogger and avid tweeter founded BeVisible, an online career network for Latinos to be seen, heard, and appreciated in boardrooms across the country. Castillo is also a board member of Exhale Pro-Voice, which gives a safe space for those that are pro-choice. Castillo is a living, breathing example of “Si se puede!”

5. Dulce Candy

Dulce may have gotten her start as a fashion and makeup blogger but, her how-to empire has grown thanks to her determination and business acumen. Dulce’s history alone makes her a strong, inspirational Latina: immigrant, Iraq war veteran, mother, social media mogul. Now, she’s delving into the political sphere, showing Latinas to not be afraid to voice their questions and opinions.

Let these young Latinos inspire you to create social change for issues you believe in! How are you going to use your social media posts for good?