Even Though Our Comida Might Sound Different It’s Always Made With Love

Eating well is a part of Latino culture that we take very seriously. It’s in our blood to sit around a table with our familia and share a delicious meal that we’ve prepared together.

What’s so special about Latino cuisine is that quite often, most of the dishes are made from the same ingredients. They’re using the same things, but making something totally different and unique. Like how Left Twix and Right Twix are two totally different things, yet both are super delicious.

Here are 5 Latino dishes that use similar things, but you’d never know!

1. Taquitos & Flautas

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If you’re craving Mexican comfort food, flautas and taquitos are two of the best dishes to reach for. Each consist of rolled up tortillas with delicious filling like beef, cheese or chicken. Plus, they’re deep-fried. Everything should be deep-fried.

2. Burritos & Chimichangas

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The only thing that makes a burrito better is when you fry it. It’s still the same burrito we know and love, but this time stick it in that deep fryer and enjoy that goodness.

3. Panades & Empanadas

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A stuffed bread or pastry, empanadas and panades are doughy little perfections. Whether you have them in Belize, Argentina or Chile it’s impossible to only have one of these. Meat, cheese, corn – they have the works.

4. Chilaquiles & Migas

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These similar dishes are perfect comfort dishes for any occasion. Some argue the difference between chilaquiles and migas are the way the tortillas are prepared, but they’re both egg-based and very similar.

5. Tostones & Maduros

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When plantains are fried twice, they’re referred to as “tostones.” When they’re only fried once and sweeter, they’re “maduros.” Both are yummy snacks that are impossible to not devour.

All of these dishes have very similar ingredients, and yet they’re all different. Kind of like Left Twix and Right Twix. They’re made from the same ingredients, but they’re different and both equally delicious.

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