These Shows Don’t Look As Friendly With The “Stranger Things” Makeover

Netflix’s third installment of the horror series “Stranger Things” is coming soon and the trailer has fans over-the-moon with excitement about the upcoming show. Lots of people have fallen in love with its retro sensibility. The show, which is set in the ’80s, features cinematography and music inspired by that era of movies. People have also fallen for the show’s Stephen King novel-meets-John Carpenter-movie font. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. Someone created a “Stranger Things” title generator ( that lets you “strangify” whatever title, phrase, or name you want. And to be honest, everything kinda looks better in that font. Don’t believe me?

There’s the story of a man who doesn’t age for 30 years…

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Yep. Don Francisco is not the innocent and non-terrifying show host you remember. In this universe, he is ready to take over the world one ridiculous segment at a time.

The story of a mysterious wind that affects those in need of a divine intervention…

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Okay. La Rosa de Guadalupe is already slightly terrifying to all of the kids who don’t know how to behave. It is basically a fictional version of Primer Impacto, however, Primer Impacto is already pretty fake. Either way, I’m all in for this creepier version of this show.

The story of prep school kids who wear lots of red and make a pact to create music forever…

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You thought high was tough before, just wait till you see Rebelde in the upside-down. It is not going to be a good time for you when you see what these teenagers have in store for you. They might have been too much for some to handle before, but now they are unstoppable.

The story of a mysterious child who lives in a barrel…

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We all know the story but what is there is a dark twist we never saw coming? Well, now you can picture the craziness for yourself. Maybe El Chavo del Ocho makes his way to the upside-down and discovers his deepest and darkest secrets. Perhaps he discovers the most secretive embarrassments of his family. The only way to tell is to use your imagination and make it happen.

The story of two people who spend their days frightening everyone with scary stories…

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As if Primer Impact couldn’t get even scarier. Well, maybe it’s just the hosts getting more terrified of thier own words because they love to make sure we are all terrified. It is only fitting that they start scaring themselves a little more and leaving us in peace.

The story of a woman who makes weird faces and carries around a mallet…

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The most definitive ending of all time is this version of the hit show “Caso Cerrado.” Not only do you lose your case in front of millions of viewers and get humiliated, but you are also then sent to the upside-down where you have to find your way back. Only when you find your way back are you allowed to live the life you once lived.

The story of a man who is always trying to coerce people to get into a jacuzzi with him (and the woman who tries to warn them)…

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I would definitely watch this show with a spooky twist. Who wouldn’t want to watch these two famous personalities interact while the world is literally falling apart around them?

The story of a businesswoman who leaves a trail of blood in her path…

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I am shooketh. “La Reina del Sur” is already a crazy story. Like, why would you want to add paranormal monsters to the already insane plot? No one will know the answer and that’s fine. We just want to watch the cartels try to hide their stash and commit their crimes while keeping themselves alive in this crazy world.

The story of a life-size bug that helps those in need…

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Clearly, this is more of an uplifting superhero movie. Not only is El Chapulin Colorado making his way through this insane universe, but he is also taking out all of the horrible monsters on his way. Get it, bro.

The story of a large family who is born with fur all over their bodies…

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Terrifying. Truly terrifying. Just imagine the mess the drains are in when the family has to shower. Talk about a manmade disaster. Horrible. I would weep if I was stuck in that house.

The story of friends who soon become frenemies…

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Ah. A tale as old as time that finally has a more troubling ending than just two friends drifiting apart. It is one of the most common and relatable stories in existence. Fortunately, they are forced to work together here if they ever want to make it back to the real world. What a twist!

The story of a woman who will hurt anyone and everyone so she can escape poverty…

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Honestly, who would try to save her? She has always been kind of asking for this, right? Look, no one deserves to be tortured but when you spend your life making eveyone’s life miserable, well…

And… the story of a family struggling to preserve its culture in a place that is trying to destroy it.

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Porbe abuelitos. They did not see this coming. They left Cuba only to be caught up in this crazy underworld. Que triste.

It’s all enough to make you go…

Credit: Netflix
CREDIT: Credit: Netflix

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11 Things Every Abuela Says In The Car That Drive (Hehe) You Crazy


11 Things Every Abuela Says In The Car That Drive (Hehe) You Crazy

Kevin Droniak / YouTube

In your ongoing quest to be a good kid, you’ll sometimes find yourself either giving your beloved abuelita a ride in your car, or acting as her copilot as she makes her way through these mean streets. And it pretty much never goes well:

giphy (30)
Credit: TBS

It’s rough, but we’ve all been there. And we all have PTSD from it.

Here are some typical things every abuela says when you drive in the car with her:

1. “You’re driving too fast.”

giphy (31)
Credit: Giphy

snail would be driving too fast for abuela’s taste.

2. “¡Ay dios mio!”

giphy (32)
Credit: Bravo

Regardless of whether you’re just sitting tight at a red light or trying to make an intense left turn on green, your abuela’s stress factor is constantly through the roof. 

3. “This car is a mess, just like your room/home/desk/life.”

giphy (33)
Credit: NBC

Since when is keeping napkins and a change of shoes in your car “a mess”? (Good thing you cleaned out the 7,082 empty water bottles you had in there before she climbed in.)

4. “Vas a ver cuando lleguemos a la casa.”

giphy (34)
Credit: HBO

You know she isn’t joking around anymore regarding the speed limit. Yikes!

5. “What is that noise? Is it music?”

giphy (35)
Credit: VH1

In her defense, did you really expect your abuela to appreciate the new Shawn Mendes song as much as you do?

6. “When I was your age, we walked everywhere.

giphy (36)
Credit: NBC

God bless your abuela and her hard work all of her life, but if you have to hear the story about how she and her brothers and sisters had to walk miles and miles to school, you just might lose it.

7. “No, we have food at home.”


This is, of course, the answer you get when you ask if you can stop and get some drive-through food real quick.

8. “You don’t need the air conditioning on. Sweating is good for you.”

giphy (37)
Credit: CW

Lord, give me strength.

9. “Te voy a dar un cachetazo.”

giphy (38)
Credit: YouTube / StyleLikeU


10. “Just let them over!”

giphy (39)
Credit: Universal Pictures

You can’t sass her back because she’s your abuela and you love her, but she really doesn’t understand the idea that you can’t let everyone in front of you or else you’d get nowhere.

11. “Never again.”

giphy (40)
Credit: NBC

Despite all of your car-related differences, at least there are two things you can agree on: Traffic sucks, and you’ll always love each other no matter what.

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What are some hilarious things your abuela says? Let us know in the comments below!

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