These Shows Don’t Look As Friendly With The “Stranger Things” Makeover

Netflix’s third installment of the horror series “Stranger Things” is coming soon and the trailer has fans over-the-moon with excitement about the upcoming show. Lots of people have fallen in love with its retro sensibility. The show, which is set in the ’80s, features cinematography and music inspired by that era of movies. People have also fallen for the show’s Stephen King novel-meets-John Carpenter-movie font. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. Someone created a “Stranger Things” title generator (makeitstranger.com) that lets you “strangify” whatever title, phrase, or name you want. And to be honest, everything kinda looks better in that font. Don’t believe me?

There’s the story of a man who doesn’t age for 30 years…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Yep. Don Francisco is not the innocent and non-terrifying show host you remember. In this universe, he is ready to take over the world one ridiculous segment at a time.

The story of a mysterious wind that affects those in need of a divine intervention…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Okay. La Rosa de Guadalupe is already slightly terrifying to all of the kids who don’t know how to behave. It is basically a fictional version of Primer Impacto, however, Primer Impacto is already pretty fake. Either way, I’m all in for this creepier version of this show.

The story of prep school kids who wear lots of red and make a pact to create music forever…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

You thought high was tough before, just wait till you see Rebelde in the upside-down. It is not going to be a good time for you when you see what these teenagers have in store for you. They might have been too much for some to handle before, but now they are unstoppable.

The story of a mysterious child who lives in a barrel…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

We all know the story but what is there is a dark twist we never saw coming? Well, now you can picture the craziness for yourself. Maybe El Chavo del Ocho makes his way to the upside-down and discovers his deepest and darkest secrets. Perhaps he discovers the most secretive embarrassments of his family. The only way to tell is to use your imagination and make it happen.

The story of two people who spend their days frightening everyone with scary stories…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

As if Primer Impact couldn’t get even scarier. Well, maybe it’s just the hosts getting more terrified of thier own words because they love to make sure we are all terrified. It is only fitting that they start scaring themselves a little more and leaving us in peace.

The story of a woman who makes weird faces and carries around a mallet…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

The most definitive ending of all time is this version of the hit show “Caso Cerrado.” Not only do you lose your case in front of millions of viewers and get humiliated, but you are also then sent to the upside-down where you have to find your way back. Only when you find your way back are you allowed to live the life you once lived.

The story of a man who is always trying to coerce people to get into a jacuzzi with him (and the woman who tries to warn them)…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

I would definitely watch this show with a spooky twist. Who wouldn’t want to watch these two famous personalities interact while the world is literally falling apart around them?

The story of a businesswoman who leaves a trail of blood in her path…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

I am shooketh. “La Reina del Sur” is already a crazy story. Like, why would you want to add paranormal monsters to the already insane plot? No one will know the answer and that’s fine. We just want to watch the cartels try to hide their stash and commit their crimes while keeping themselves alive in this crazy world.

The story of a life-size bug that helps those in need…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Clearly, this is more of an uplifting superhero movie. Not only is El Chapulin Colorado making his way through this insane universe, but he is also taking out all of the horrible monsters on his way. Get it, bro.

The story of a large family who is born with fur all over their bodies…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Terrifying. Truly terrifying. Just imagine the mess the drains are in when the family has to shower. Talk about a manmade disaster. Horrible. I would weep if I was stuck in that house.

The story of friends who soon become frenemies…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Ah. A tale as old as time that finally has a more troubling ending than just two friends drifiting apart. It is one of the most common and relatable stories in existence. Fortunately, they are forced to work together here if they ever want to make it back to the real world. What a twist!

The story of a woman who will hurt anyone and everyone so she can escape poverty…

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Honestly, who would try to save her? She has always been kind of asking for this, right? Look, no one deserves to be tortured but when you spend your life making eveyone’s life miserable, well…

And… the story of a family struggling to preserve its culture in a place that is trying to destroy it.

Credit: makeitstranger.com
CREDIT: Credit: makeitstranger.com

Porbe abuelitos. They did not see this coming. They left Cuba only to be caught up in this crazy underworld. Que triste.

It’s all enough to make you go…

Credit: Netflix
CREDIT: Credit: Netflix

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Here’s The Story Of One Undocumented Family Torn Apart During The Devastating Attack On 9/11

Things That Matter

Here’s The Story Of One Undocumented Family Torn Apart During The Devastating Attack On 9/11

Robert Giroux / Robert Giroux

Luis Alfonso Chimbo and Ana Soria had come a long way since they met as children in Cuenca, Ecuador. They were married, living in Brooklyn with their son, and 34-year-old Chimbo was working for the Windows of the World restaurant–the very top floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Chimbo had been promoted to a management position in the receiving department that takes inventory and stocks supplies. They were living the American dream as undocumented immigrants in New York City. In August, Ana Soria suffered a miscarriage. He took nearly a month off to be with her and care for the family. 

He was due to return to work on September 11, 2001. 

The morning of 9/11, Chimbo got up at 5 a.m. and left for work.

Credit: “Luis Alfonso Chimbo at the Windows on the World restaurant in New York, circa 2000.” Digital Image. Time Magazine. 10 September 2019.

The night before, he set his clothes out for his first day back and prepared a bag. He was always prepared. Chimbo would usually kiss Soria as he got out of bed. That morning, he didn’t. Soria went to their window and said, “Goodbye, my love” as he drove away.

Hours later, while working at the restaurant, Chimbo was trapped on the top floor of the North Tower after a plane was flown into the tower.

The Windows of the World staff included immigrants from over 24 countries.

Credit: @JuedischeOnline / Twitter

The 9/11 attack killed 170 people in Windows alone. Chimbo was one of 73 employees who perished. Arguably, those employees were some of the least-paid victims of the attack, which presented a moral challenge for Special Master Kenneth Feinberg, who had to allocate the $7 billion in the Victims Compensation Fund. Five thousand five hundred and sixty people applied as injured or dependents of the deceased. Feinberg’s initial formula was based on “economic loss”–meaning families of stockbrokers would receive more money than Chimbo’s family. The formula also rested on the presumption that lower-income workers would remain in their earning class for the rest of their lives–the antithesis of “The American Dream.”

Stories like Chimbo’s made a “tremendous impact” on Feinberg’s new formula. 

Credit: @ayemojubar / Twitter

In fact, the owner of Windows of the World and the executive chef Michael Lomonaco testified to Feinberg on behalf of lower-paid employees with a high potential for further promotions. In the case of Chimbo, they gave Feinberg evidence that he started out as a stock boy and grew to become a manager in the receiving department. “The structure of the restaurant reflected the American Dream, which I don’t use as a cliché but as an actual possibility,” Debra Steinberg told Tom Roston, the author of “The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World.” 

Steinberg represented Soria along with thirty-seven other Windows of the World workers. “When you drill down into the stories of the immigrants who worked at Windows on the World, most of them said that it was the dream job. They walked with pride in their step. It was an astonishing place.” Feinberg told Roston that he used “discretion to bring up the lower end worker and reduce the stockbrokers and hedge fund managers,” granting higher payments to lower-paid victims of the attack.

A dozen of the Windows workers were undocumented.

Credit: @jonthompsonDC / Twitter

Feinberg looked to the congressional statute that allocated the funds and said it became clear. Documentation or nationality was not a factor into who becomes a legal victim and who does not in the eyes of the United States. The fund was for all victims of the attacks. 

As an undocumented person, Soria was terrified to ask for help in the days after the attack.

Credit: @Sept11Memorial / Twitter

“I was scared,” she says in Roston’s book. “[And] I was thinking that maybe I did not deserve it because this was not my country.” Finally, it was her son that prompted her to recall that at least he is deserving of medical care. Amidst the terror, her son needed asthma medication, so Soria went to Manhattan. Still, she doesn’t remember much about that day but remembers the help of fellow Americans to ensure her family got what they needed.

Would undocumented immigrants be met with the same courtesy today?

In the decades that have since passed, Soria has become a chef.

Credit: Luis Eduardo Chimbo

She was taking culinary lessons at the time of the series of tragic life events –the miscarriage, the terrorist attack, the loss of her husband. Six years after 9/11, she returned to culinary school. Fifteen years after 9/11 tore her family apart, she received a green card. Her son has become a photographer and captured the above image of his mother.

She goes to the North reflecting pool every year on 9/11. Last year, she went on his birthday and left a flower and a birthday card which read: “To the love of my life, happy birthday to you. Surprise, you didn’t know I was coming.” 

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Yalitza Aparicio’s Appearance Alongside Hollywood Veterans In Rodarte’s Spring 2020 Lookbook Proves She’s Still Rising


Yalitza Aparicio’s Appearance Alongside Hollywood Veterans In Rodarte’s Spring 2020 Lookbook Proves She’s Still Rising

Back in February of this year, “Roma” actress Yalitza Aparicio dominated fashion headlines after her appearance on the red carpet of the Oscars. The actress made her first appearance at the 91st Academy Awards as a Best Actress nominee for her breakout role as Cleo a maid of Mixteco heritage working for a family in Mexico City during the early 1970s. Aparicio had already had a big night, not only had she nailed a coveted nominee slot, she’d done so for her first role ever in a movie. And while awe over her talent was much talked about, it was the mint-green and silver metallic tulle gown she wore by Rodarte that caught so much attention.

The fashion brand has long been an established designer on red carpets but there’s no denying the actress has helped raise interest in its designers. The red carpet match of the designers and the actress proved not only to be a success at the Oscars, but it also proved worthy of a lasting partnership.

For the fashion brand’s latest lookbook, Aparicio was selected as a model.

The rising star wowed in the brand’s dreamy fashion shoot.

Aparicio appeared in the Spring lookbook in a polka-dot belted black and white dress and a pair of sheer gloves studded with pearls which also speckle her hair. She modeled the dress in a magazine that featured Hollywood veterans such as Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst.

Aparicio appeared in simple colors and extravagant gowns.

For her other appearance, the actress could be seen wearing a black and white plaid dress that featured a ruffle color and puff sleeves.

Of course, it didn’t take long for reactions to Aparcio’s appearance to set fire online.

Fans of the actress were quick to call her a “reina” and other celebrities including “Mad Men” actor January Jones, who also appeared in the shoot, commented “Love. ❤️”

Aparicio’s feature is another reminder, that the indigenous actress has her heels dug into Hollywood and the fashion industry and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Back in January of this year, Vogue México honored the actress with a feature and photoshoot that served as an ode to her culture and home state of Oaxaca. Not only was she featured on the magazine’s cover, but she was also thrown a party at the Patio del Huaje en el Jardín Etnobotanico in Oaxaca.

While the finicky nature of Hollywood and its attention to actresses of color has a strong pattern, Yalitza’s star does not seem to be dwindling. In fact, her appearance in the lookbook nearly seven months after her appearance at the Oscars, and without any announcements of new roles, proves she must have a lot coming up for herself.