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11 Overly Dramatic Things Your Parents Said When They Found Out You Had A Tattoo

There’s nothing more terrifying than your mom or dad seeing your fresh ink. Whether it’s something “Star Wars” related or the initials of an ex loved one, parents will always react the same way: over the top. These are just a few of the things they say when they discover you either got your first tattoo – or added another to your masterpiece.

1. “Solo te estas metiendo en cosas de pandilleros!”



2. “Why did you do that?! That’s only for the depraved drug addicts.”

America’s Next Top Model / GIPHY

Doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, nurse, or priest. For Latino parents, tattoos are the gateway to the devil.

3. *slap followed by silence for days*

The Late Late Show with James Corden / GIPHY

She might not talk to you for a few days… or weeks… but eventually, mom will come around. So enjoy the silence while you have it. ?

4. “You better find a way to cover that up para que no te vean ese rayadero.”


Even if it is 90+ degrees, ponte un sueter.

5. “Pareces mapa.”

Empire FOX / GIPHY

Yeah, I look exactly like a map. Tell me which country looks like my lotus tattoo. TELL ME!

6. “Esas cosas son del Diablo.”

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / DreamWorks

What if it’s a Virgin Mary tattoo? Huh? How bout dat??

7. “You want to kill me, don’t you?”


I would never… But if I *DID*, I’m sure getting a tattoo wouldn’t be the most effective way to get the job done.

8. Latino parents legit think one tattoo will send you down a life of crime.


It’s. ?? Just. ?? A. ?? Tattoo. ??

9. “Pareces una vaca all branded and shit.”

Jane The Virgin / CW / janethevirgin-gifs / Tumblr

Funny, that’s not what you thought when you tatted your eyebrows, eyeliner AND lipliner.

10. “God’s not going to let you into heaven. He wants your clean body without changes. That is not Catholic.”

Kroll Show / Comedy Central / themessymindofemily / Tumblr

Something tells me that God is going to be pretty chill about this, unlike you, just saying.

11. “Come here. I’m going to cut it off of you.”


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Is this how your mom or dad reacted to your tattoo? Let the world know how dramatic they were by clicking that share button below!

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Cardi B Is Being Sued For The Use Of A Tattoo On Her Album Cover


Cardi B Is Being Sued For The Use Of A Tattoo On Her Album Cover

Cardi B is facing a mounting legal challenge over one of her album covers. A judge recently decided that the use of a tattoo on one of her album covers. Namely, the lawsuit states that the album cover used the tattoo in a humiliating way.

Cardi B is heading to court after a federal court ruling.

Cardi B is going to court over the massive back tattoo displayed on Cardi B’s “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.” The tattoo of a tiger and a snake was prominently displayed across the man back on the album cover as Cardi B drinks from a Corona bottle. That photo is the cause of a lawsuit against Cardi B.

Cardi B and her legal team originally argued that the image was a transformative take on the original image. The rapper argued that the use of the image was protected under fair use, but the judge did not agree.

“To constitute a transformative fair use, the revised image must have significant transformative or creative elements to make it something more than mere likeness or imitation,” writes Carney. “A reasonable jury in this case could conclude that there are insufficient transformative or creative elements on the GBMV1 cover to constitute a transformative use of Plaintiff’s tattoo.”

The judge is using the testimony of the man who created the album cover against Cardi B.

The creator, Timm Gooden, testified that he had created an album cover after using various images. When he turned in the draft, Gooden was told to find a different image and he used an image he found from a Google search. The image was then pasted onto the man in the photo and used as the album cover.

Kevin Brophy Jr. alleges that the use of the tattoo misappropriated his likeness in a humiliating way. Brophy tried to use an expert to claim that more than $1.5 million were made because of the image, but the judge disagreed.

The case will be heading to a jury in 2021 adding to a trend of tattoo litigation.

Catherine Alexander, WWE wrestler Randy Orton’s tattoo artist, is suing the WWE and Take-Two Interactive Software over a tattoo. The wrestler is depicted in a video game with the tattoo and the tattoo artist wants to be compensated for the use of it.

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Sweet & Empowering Tattoo Ideas For The Latina Who Loves Herself


Sweet & Empowering Tattoo Ideas For The Latina Who Loves Herself

With so many types of tattoos out there, it can be easy to feel like its hard to find something unique. Especially when it comes to paying tribute to your Latinidad. Fortunately, we dug around Instagram and found some of the sweetest and hilarious tattoos that are perfect for Latinas.

Check them out below!

This one that has all of our names written all over it

For tequila and Grey’s Anatomy fans

And another tequila tattoo for good measure

For the spikey and sweet agave lover

This tattoo is perfect for Cubanas who love café

For la rosa at heart

View this post on Instagram

🌹 #tattoo #rosetattoo

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For the freedom fighter

These Taíno inspired tattoos

And these beautiful tattoos for Boricuas

For the rum lover

For the lovely minimalist with pride

And of course for the Frida fan

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