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Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Donate $5 Million to DREAMers?

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You remember Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, right?

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Bitch

You know, the guy who had his laptop destroyed by Spider-Man.

Social Network movie Mark Zuckerberg

OK, OK, this is the real Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg in front of a blue background
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He actually smiles.

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced they’re donating $5 million to DREAMers.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan
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They’re funding scholarships that will go to 400 undocumented students in the Bay Area. Zuckerberg took to Facebook to explain why:

“Hundreds of thousands of young immigrants are part of our communities and attend school legally in the United States. Many of them moved to America early in their lives and can’t remember living anywhere else. They want to remain in the country they love and be a part of America’s future. But without documentation, it’s often a struggle to get a college education, and they don’t have access to any kind of federal aid.”

Anti-immigrant activists reacted like this:

Social Network Movie Note Pass

But you know…

 Social Network movie toast

Seriously though, five million dollars?

Miguel Herrera celebration

This calls for a celebration, right? No so fast…

Some have questioned Zuckerberg’s motives for supporting immigration reform.

Zuckerberg You Have My Attention

Zuckerberg, who founded the non profit to push for immigration reform, called it “one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.” But it’s been pointed out that Zuckerberg probably isn’t doing it out of altruism – it’s because he’d like to hire more foreign workers at Facebook. Why?

Employees on work visas get paid less.

Social network movie
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According to a report by Economic Policy Institute, “The principal reason that firms use H-1Bs to replace American workers is because H-1B nonimmigrant workers are much cheaper than locally recruited and hired U.S. workers.”

Zuckerberg’s organization also has a subsidiary called Americans for a Conservative Direction.

Zuckerberg GIF oops

In 2013, the organization was criticized for creating “xenophobic” radio ads calling current immigration policies a national security disaster. Here’s a taste:

Male: Our immigration system is a joke, and the whole world knows it.

Female: Our border is unsecure, our laws are unenforced. We don’t know who’s here, what they’re doing or even why.

Male: What we have now is a national security nightmare waiting to happen.

So what’s Zuckerberg’s deal?


Hey, maybe he wants to hire cheaper foreign workers AND DREAMers to get an education. Only he knows for sure.

So back to that $5 million.

Social Network Million

Sounds like a lot, right? Until you realize…

 Zuck, aren’t you worth like $34 BILLION?

Timberlake Tea Sup Social Network Movie

*Sips tea*

Is Zuckerberg a good guy or just wanting to take advantage of cheap labor? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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