You’ve Been Punked – Adorable Baby Edition


Daddy’s Little Trickster

This video will give you all the feels. All. The. Feels.

A bouncing Brazilian baby is getting her nails cut by her father, but she’s not having it. Every time — EVERY TIME — he gets close to her with the scissors, she punks him with a fake cry!  Then she just straight up lets out a canny and cute fit of giggles when her dad gets ‘scared’. The video was originally posted to Facebook and has received over 25 million views so far.

Watch the full video above to see this delightful little trickster in action!

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13 Scandalous 'Laura' Guests that’ll Make You Wonder if You Should Laugh or Cry


13 Scandalous ‘Laura’ Guests that’ll Make You Wonder if You Should Laugh or Cry

We’re all familiar with Laura Bozzo, right?  She’s Latin America’s answer to Jerry Springer.


Her talk shows – Laura, Laura en Acción, Laura en America – sometimes feature serious topics…

Credit: América Producciones

Such as infidelity, domestic abuse and family drama.

But usually, it’s crazy s*** like this:


And this. Oh, there’s more…


Like this stud who finally found the perfect woman…

Credit: América Producciones

This woman who is upset that the apple didn’t fall far enough from the tree…

Credit: América Producciones

The guy who broke the first rule of Fight Club…

Credit: América Producciones

This girl who may be a bit too “animated” for her own good…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.24.24 PM
Credit: América Producciones

Or this woman who wants you to know cradle robbery isn’t a felony…

Credit: América Producciones

Or this guy who went to a party that changed his life…

Credit: América Producciones

Or this lady who didn’t know the side-effects of her healthy drink…

Credit: América Producciones

Or this kid who fell under the spell of reggaetón…

Credit: América Producciones

The teen who wanted to use his powers for good (or become ’80s-era Michael Jackson)…

Credit: América Producciones

The girl who COULDN’T EVEN with the Internet…

Credit: América Producciones

The woman who tried some “alternative methods” to help her husband…

Credit: América Producciones

And the woman who wished her relationship was anything but a fairy tale…

Credit: América Producciones
Credit: América Producciones

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