NASA Just Can’t Get Enough Of This Mexican Scientist

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has created another international sensation, Yair Israel Piña López. He is the youngest student-researcher recruit by NASA at just 20 years old, and it seems like he is doing exactly what he should be doing.

This is Yair Israel Piña López, and he is a physics major at UNAM.

Yair Israel Piña López / Facebook

According to López’s website, he is a fifth-year student working “in the Irradiation Unit and Radiation Safety at Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares (Institute of Nuclear Science ICN).”

López’s research on thermoluminescence is what has landed him on the map.

López’s research into gamma radiation and its effects is what caught NASA’s attention. López has been working with Dr. Epifanio Cruz Zaragoza, compiling the information into a research article that has been even been published by the “Journal Of Physics.”

“That’s why NASA uses our article as a reference in future missions, which are to the Moon and Mars, and is indexed in the Astrophysical Data System,” López told Excelsior.

This research will be crucial in studying and determining how radiation can impact astronauts while in space.

Yair Israel Piña López / Facebook

According to Forbes Mexico, López has proposed an active detector to read for several kinds of radiation including natural uranium and strontium. This detector would essentially become the first line of defense if radiation levels start to impact the health and well being of astronauts while the float about space.

This is López’s second run in with NASA since he participated in their Orlan program in Russia.

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While at the University of Samara in Russia, López helped with creating a part for a satellite to help with observing Russia.

Keep up the good work, Yair. You are definitely going places.

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