“Young, Latin & Proud” Is Your Anthem For The Summer And Forever

Credit: Helado Negro / YouTube

Sometimes it feels like everyone’s trying to tell you how to feel, what wear, what to eat, etc. In those moments, the best thing you can do is throw on your headphones, drown out the noise, and meditate on what matters most. That’s where Helado Negro’s “Young, Latin, and Proud” has got you covered. The track is simple, yet rich, emphasizing message over any clever turn of melody or complex percussion.

Helado Negro described the track to Pitchfork as an attempt to connect with his roots, saying, “it’s less about trying to exclude yourself, and more about just being proud of who you are and all the things that come with that.” The Ecuadorian-American added, “It’s not trying to make it this Public Enemy song, and more like someone picking you up in their arms and saying, ‘This is what it’s about—it’s all good!'” Remember, this whole Latino thing is a full-time job, so take care of what’s most important, because one day you’ll be old, Latino and, hopefully, still proud.

Want more Helado Negro? Listen to his latest single, “Runaround.”

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