Miss Universe Dethroned After Not Understanding Easy Job Requirements

Credit: Kristhielee Caride / Facebook

We know some beauty queens need an attitude adjustment… but it might be too late for former Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kristhielee Caride who just lost the crown because, well, she had too much ‘tude.

While on one of the interviews she actually attended — Caride had been refusing to do interviews — she told Elnuevodia.com that she didn’t like cameras. Girl, you might want to check the job description before you apply.

“I saw the damage that she was doing and the damage that she was doing to the organization,” said Desirée Lowry, director of the Miss Puerto Rico Universe organization, of her decision.

The crown was given to runner-up Brenda Jiménez, who’s a biology and sociology major and represents Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

“I am really excited and extremely anxious. I haven’t processed it yet,” said the new Miss Universe. We’re pretty sure her new title came as a surprise.

Get more details on the beauty queens here.

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