Yes, You Can Finally Be The Tortilla You Have Always Dreamed Of Becoming

credit: & friends / YouTube

Your dreams of being a taco, quesadilla or burrito are so close you could taste them. Seriously. Someone actually went and created a tortilla towel. It is 5 feet and super realistic. Just check out all the things you can be with this towel.

1. Taco

Credit: & friends / YouTube

You are what you eat, right?

2. Quesadilla

Credit: & friends / YouTube

Just add another towel!

3. Tostada

Credit: & friends / YouTube


4. Enchilada

Credit: & friends / YouTube

So that’s how you roll an enchilada… ?

5. Burrito

Credit: & friends / YouTube

Another double towel masterpiece.

6. Taquito!

Credit: & friends / YouTube

Just be careful how far you roll, okay?


Watch the full video below!


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