‘La Cumbia Del Mosquito De Zika’ Is Actually Kinda Catchy

There’s a new Zika virus-inspired cumbia. Have you heard it? The music video features a guy snatching a mosquito out of the air…

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

And dancing…

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

Lots of dancing.

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

Before you fly into a burning rage about someone making fun of a virus that leaves babies deformed, take a deep breath. Unlike the swine flu cumbia that was released in Mexico a few years ago…

Credit: Paulino Vasquez Lara / YouTube

It’s actually a PSA. Created by Bolivia’s ministry of health, the music video gives people tips on how to make life more difficult for mosquitos, the main carrier of the Zika virus.

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

You can debate whether you believe it’s in good taste, but the intention is not to make light of the situation.

It’s all broken down in these *danceable* steps:

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

“Limpa, voltea, tapa and elimina.” Cleaning consistently, turning damp buckets upside down (or closing them) helps reduce spaces that mosquitos thrive in.

Watch the full video:

Credit: minsaludbolivia / YouTube

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