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Yas! These Women Are Changing The World And They’re Finally Being Recognized For It

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Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors has been taped and now the world waits with bated breath for the show to hit a TV set screen near you. Who better than Gina Rodriguez to host a show all about empowering young women? Rodriguez’s year has been one of success and so much recognition that she just seems like the perfect fit. Here is what we know so far…

Marie Claire’s first-ever Young Women’s Honors has officially taped.

“Our honorees are everything I dreamt of having when I was a young girl,” said Gina Rodriguez, the host of the award show, according to E! News. “Now we get to do that for the next generation. We get to do that ourselves, for any generation, at any point, anything is possible. Especially now during this time we’re living in… This room is so beautiful. This room is so hopeful, this room is so strong, and we are only strong together, so thank you.”

The ever exuberant and positive Gina Rodriguez was the (very excited) host.

“Young Women’s Honors is a global platform that will discover, honor and celebrate women who demonstrate confidence, intelligence and leadership, that will inspire others to follow,” reads the Young Women’s Honors website.

But who better than Rodriguez to host an award show dedicated to recognizing and elevating young women?

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CREDIT: emliaclake / Tumblr

No one.

“The Marie Claire Young Women’s Honors is a global platform that will discover, honor and celebrate women who demonstrate confidence, intelligence and leadership that will inspire others to follow,” Rodriguez told Marie Claire. “It’s a true honor to have First Lady Michelle Obama and ‘Let Girls Learn’ featured at this event.”

In addition to the honorees, the event brought out some major stars, including “Orange Is The New Black”‘s Jackie Cruz and Laverne Cox.

Now, we all just have to wait until Dec. 19 to watch the award show on the CW.

“Congratulations. You are all extraordinary,” First Lady Michelle Obama told the honorees via video, according to E! News. “You are brilliant, bold, you are transforming the world around you and in every day you remind us of the boundless promise that lies within every woman and girl on this planet.”

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11 Centerpieces For Thanksgiving That Are Pure Ingenuity


11 Centerpieces For Thanksgiving That Are Pure Ingenuity

Decorations and holidays go together like cupcakes and hipsters. But if you’re like a lot of us, you’re probably a little strapped, and so doing Thanksgiving a lo grande might be out of your budget. Whether or not you’ve got a few friends coming over, or all 27 of your tíos, prepping can be stressful. Have no fear, here are a few cheap DIY centerpiece ideas we found to make your Thanksgiving Day dinner table pop.

Bring out that cool vase your roommate uses to make his room smell weird.

It even has a nifty little side vase for smaller flowers.

Steal Borrow some flowers from your neighbors garden and put them in a drinking glass.

On the downside, this kind of floral arrangement can obstruct your view of certain family members. On the upside, this kind of floral arrangement can obstruct your view of certain family members.

Grab something from the recycle bin!

If you’re like me, there’s always a few empty tequila bottles just waiting for a second chance. Pure class.

No fish? No problem. Grab some dirt and flowers.

If you’re going to spend more than 10 dollars on a bottle of Tequila, you might as well get your money’s worth.

Here’s a perfect arts and crafts project from your little primo.

I remember the first time I helped my tío decorate one of his empties. Glitter, glue, and some left over Cinco de Mayo flowers, and we had an instant centerpiece masterpiece.

You can never go wrong with the color scheme of Café Bustelo.

Definitely one of the classiest coffee cans on the shelf. You don’t need much to say a lot.

You can also use El Pato salsa cans for small accents.

Just like Bustelo, the red and yellow scheme really brings out the colors in any floral arrangement.

If you’re not a fan of the can, just throw every flower ever into it. Draw attention away from the offending vase.

After Thanksgiving, you can sell this on Etsy for few bucks.

Grab some rubble from the bottom of an aquarium. Instant centerpiece.

The ingenuity.

If you see anyone do this, report them.

Why would anyone do this to a molcajete? These look like sad little hedgehogs.

 I. Can’t. Even.

Don’t try to go all out. Just have fun. And remember…


It’s all about that food.

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