Every Lazy Person’s Dreams Have Come True With This Tortilla Toaster

Remember the FlatEv, the machine that promised fresh tortillas at the push of a button?

Credit: FlatEv

Well, it’s got competition. Sort of.

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This is the Tortilla Toaster.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

The FlatEv is a Keurig-like machine that heats up an individual pod of masa to create a freshly made tortilla. The Tortilla Toaster, designed to be a time saver, doesn’t produce tortillas. It allows you heat up six tortillas at a time — and it promises to do it faster than your comal (or microwave) at home.

Here’s how it works: You insert up to six tortillas into the toaster…

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Set the desired toasting temp…

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

And in about a minute, the tortillas are ready.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Yes, the Tortilla Toaster is designed to replace your mom’s comal.

In an interview with L.A. Taco, creator Elliot Benitez talked about the toaster’s ability to heat up tortillas on both sides: “This feature eliminates the need to flip a tortilla ever again, what!! The rotating-oven (what we call it at HQ) applies heat to both sides of each tortilla and really does give it a nice hot and crispy texture.”

You: “Ma, what if I told you that you can throw away your comal?”


Ahorro Cel / Tumblr

Well, Elliot Benitez, creator of the Tortilla Toaster, says his invention was actually inspired by his mom.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

The Nuni website explains what sparked the idea: “Our founder was catching up with his mother over a home-cooked meal when he noticed a trend. His mother was repeatedly leaving the dining table and missing conversation in order to keep up with their demand for hot tortillas during mealtime.”

Benitez calculated that his mother spent two months just flipping tortillas.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

“I calculated that over the 20-year period during which I lived at home, she had lost approximately 60 days to this labor intensive task. This revelation convinced me there had to be a better way to prepare hot tortillas at home,” writes Benitez on the Tortilla Toaster’s Indiegogo fundraising site.

Benitez may have a tough time convincing moms to ditch their comales, but he hopes his invention can save someone out there a few minutes out of their day.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Benitez is currently raising funds for the Tortilla Toaster on Indiegogo and hopes to raise enough money to mass produce his invention.

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