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Every Lazy Person’s Dreams Have Come True With This Tortilla Toaster

Remember the FlatEv, the machine that promised fresh tortillas at the push of a button?

Credit: FlatEv
CREDIT: Credit: FlatEv

Well, it’s got competition. Sort of.

Credit: HBO / Tumblr
CREDIT: Credit: HBO / Tumblr

This is the Tortilla Toaster.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

The FlatEv is a Keurig-like machine that heats up an individual pod of masa to create a freshly made tortilla. The Tortilla Toaster, designed to be a time saver, doesn’t produce tortillas. It allows you heat up six tortillas at a time — and it promises to do it faster than your comal (or microwave) at home.

Here’s how it works: You insert up to six tortillas into the toaster…

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Set the desired toasting temp…

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

And in about a minute, the tortillas are ready.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Yes, the Tortilla Toaster is designed to replace your mom’s comal.

In an interview with L.A. Taco, creator Elliot Benitez talked about the toaster’s ability to heat up tortillas on both sides: “This feature eliminates the need to flip a tortilla ever again, what!! The rotating-oven (what we call it at HQ) applies heat to both sides of each tortilla and really does give it a nice hot and crispy texture.”

You: “Ma, what if I told you that you can throw away your comal?”


Ahorro Cel / Tumblr
CREDIT: Ahorro Cel / Tumblr

Well, Elliot Benitez, creator of the Tortilla Toaster, says his invention was actually inspired by his mom.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

The Nuni website explains what sparked the idea: “Our founder was catching up with his mother over a home-cooked meal when he noticed a trend. His mother was repeatedly leaving the dining table and missing conversation in order to keep up with their demand for hot tortillas during mealtime.”

Benitez calculated that his mother spent two months just flipping tortillas.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

“I calculated that over the 20-year period during which I lived at home, she had lost approximately 60 days to this labor intensive task. This revelation convinced me there had to be a better way to prepare hot tortillas at home,” writes Benitez on the Tortilla Toaster’s Indiegogo fundraising site.

Benitez may have a tough time convincing moms to ditch their comales, but he hopes his invention can save someone out there a few minutes out of their day.

Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo
CREDIT: Credit: Nuni / Indiegogo

Benitez is currently raising funds for the Tortilla Toaster on Indiegogo and hopes to raise enough money to mass produce his invention.

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Dude, So Many Latinos Are Going To Be Part Of The Academy, Finally!


Dude, So Many Latinos Are Going To Be Part Of The Academy, Finally!

JaymieBaxleyNC / Twenty20

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has spent the last two years fighting the assertion that it only cares about white people. Finally, this year, the Academy is taking steps to change the culture of the media company and awards ceremony by inducting the most diverse class in its history. Out of the 683 new Academy members, there are more than 50 Latinos and Latinas ready to make some change. ¡Orale! (or ¡Wepa!, whichever you prefer).

Earlier this year, the Oscars were once again called out for their lack of diversity.

Credit: @lupitanyongo / Instagram

Remember that #OscarsSoWhite hashtag that took over social media?

And the celebs took no time in tweeting, Instagramming and shouting their outrage. Gina Rodriguez weighed in:

Credit: @hereisgina / Instagram

Rodriguez started #MovementMondays on social media to shine a light on Latinos who she felt weren’t being given their due. That was probably because most people in the Academy were white males, but who can really be sure?

So the Academy is doing something about it. It has invited 683 new members, which include lots of women and people of color. To be specific, 46 percent of the new members are female and 41 percent of the new members are people of color. ?

Credit: @TheAcademy / Twitter

Some of the invitees include America Ferrera.

Credit: @AmericaFerrera / Twitter

You might recognize her from a little Disney Original movie called “Gotta Kick It Up!” and her portrayal of Helen Chávez in the Cesar Chávez biopic.

Jorge R. Gutierrez, Animator/Director

Credit: @mexopolis / Twitter

“Book of Life.” ‘Nuff said.

Jacob Vargas, Actor

Credit: @TheJacobVargas / Twitter

Not only was he too in the Cesar Chávez biopic, but Vargas really honed it in for his role in “The 33.”

Luis Guzmán, Actor

Credit: @IamLuisGuzman / Twitter

Pretty sure this dude doesn’t need much of an introduction.

Daphne Zuniga, Actor

Credit: @DaphneZuniga / Twitter

She has been the driving force for shows like “Spaceballs” and “One Tree Hill.”

Michelle Rodriguez, Actor

Credit: @mrodofficial / Instagram

Good to know there is someone willing to vote just based on talent.

And here is a list of the rest:

Gabriel Gutiérrez, Sound

Fernando Velásquez, Composer

Raúl Antonio Dávalos, Editor

Walter Rippell, Casting Director

Carlos Reygadas, Writer

Enrique Castillo, Actor

Ignacio López Tarso, Actor

Silvia Pinal, Actor

Sal Lopez, Actor

Pepe Serna, Actor

Sara Bilbatua, Casting Director

Lucrecia Martel, Director

Carmen Cuba, Casting Director

Rodrigo Teixeira, Producer

Julie Carmen, Actor

Manuel Teil, Casting Director

Laura Amelia Guzmán, Director

Bárbara Alvarez, Cinematographer

Lula Carvalho, Cinematographer

Enrique Chediak, Cinematographer

Félix Monti, Cinematographer

Pilar Revuelta, Designer

Israel Cárdenas, Director

Juan Antonio Garcia Bayona, Director

Maria Novaro, Director

Affonso Gonçalves, Editor

Pedro Kos, Documentarian/Editor

Sebastián Lelio, Writer

Bernat Vilaplana, Editor

Patricia Riggen, Director

Beatrice De Alba, Make Up Artist

Sonia Grande, Costume Designer

Anna Muylaert, Director

Antonio Pinto, Composer

Belén Atienza, Producer

Fernando Bovaira, Producer

Esther García Rodríguez, Producer

Marisa Paredes, Actor

Renato Dos Anjos, Animator

Pato Escala, Animator

Luis Valdez, Director

Gabriel Osorio, Animator

Pablo Valle, Animator

Roberto Fernandez, Sound

Vera Blasi, Writer

Oscar Isaac, Actor

Eva Mendes, Actor

Jorge Perugorría, Actor

Cecilia Roth , Actor

Tessa Thompson, Actor

Israel Cárdenas, Director

Laura Amelia Guzmán, Director

Lucía Puenzo, Director

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