Women in Virginia Reviving a Mexican Tradition: Escaramuzas

Usually, cowboys are the stars in Mexican rodeos, but if they’re performing at Rancho el Dorado in Virginia, Las Amazonas del Dorado will steal the show.

It’s a group of six women who are reviving a Mexican tradition seen mostly in Mexico. It’s called escaramuzas or sidesaddle. While performing at the family ranch, they wear intricate costumes and perform routines on their horses. It’s almost like synchronized horse-riding with beautiful dresses and sombreros, and they do it riding sideways on their horse. Definitely not easy.

“When you’re on the horse and performing, it gives me chills every time,” said Adriana Jimenez, a 17-year-old. “Inside, you feel this great happiness, and it fills me up with pride inside to be from a place so full of culture and life and color.”

Hhmm, wonder when they’ll start performing nationally?

Hear more about their intricate routines here.

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