This Detention Center has Driven it’s Women to Go on a Hunger Strike

Women unjustly held at T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Liberty, Texas are defending themselves with the only thing they have at hand: a hunger strike.

“There are grave injustices being committed — detentions spanning eight months, 10 months, a year, a year and a half,” says Magdrola, a detainee from Guatemala, in a letter. “In the end, we are being told we have no rights and will be deported, with offensive words and gestures that make us feel worthless.”

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The detainees could easily be released to relatives living near by, instead of being deported. However, two things stand in the way. They either have to proof they have a valid reason to seek asylum or pay the bond, sometimes as high as $30,000.

Some are so desperate with the situation, they want to kill themselves.

Read more about their dire situation in the detention center here.

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