Will Smith Came Out of a 10 Year Hiatus to Do a Song With Colombia’s Bomba Estereo

Remember the last time Will Smith dropped a track?

It was “Switch,” from 2005:

That’s the same year YouTube was founded.

Credit: dukeo.com


Well, the Fresh Prince is back. And it’s for a remix of Bomba Estereo’s “Fiesta.”

Credit: BombaEsteroVEVO / YouTube


Wait – how did Bomba Estereo get Will Smith to return to the studio?

Apparently, during a trip to Colombia, Smith heard the band’s song “Fiesta,” and hit them up ASAP.

Credit: BombaEstereoVEVO / YouTube

Smith was inspired to collaborate with them and Bomba Estereo said, “Umm, YES.”

So there you have it. Now get back to dancing.

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