If You Love Chilaquiles, This Is Right Up Your Alley

Chilaquiles are genius.

Whoever invented chilaquiles is a genius. GENIUS. In all caps. It’s a dish made out of tortillas. TORTILLAS.

Tortillas are something you usually use as a vessel for your main dish. A tortilla is something you wrap around other food. Sometimes you roll ’em up and eat them along with something else. Like menudo. Barbacoa. Sopa de fideo.

Or you tear off a piece and use it to scoop up beans, some kind of sauce, or eggs.

Tortillas are there to make an assist. Tortillas are unselfish. They have no ego. Tortillas aren’t worried about being the star of the show. They just want everyone to win.

Now, whoever invented chilaquiles is a genius. Einstein level genius. Nikola Tesla level genius. One day, someone probably woke up with a mean ass cruda and decided, “I’m gonna make a dish out of these disks that I usually use to scrape my plate at the end of a meal.” So they grabbed a knife and cut up a bunch of old tortillas. Old *stale* tortillas. Thats what make this even more genius.

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Whoever invented this said, “Hmm… which item in my kitchen is on the verge of being unusable? Ah! these graying tortillas!”

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Stay with me.

So this person throws the tortillas in a pan and adds salsita. Sprinkles a little cheese on top. That’s it. Tortillas, YOU are the star of the show.

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And guess what, tortillas? You’re delicious. You can carry a meal all by your own damn self. And chilaquiles, you’re the best company when nursing a hangover.

Who knew? The genius who invented chilaquiles.

Who the hell decides to make a dish out of tortillas!? The genius who invented chilaquiles, that’s who.

And tortillas came through in the clutch. After all those days of scooping up frijoles and huevitos morning after morning. With no complaints. Just there to make the assist.

Then someone added eggs. They were like, “Yo, eggs, how bout you give this assist shit a try? Tortillas have had your back since day one.” And guess what? Eggs were like, “Fuck it, tortillas, it’s your time to shine.”

Credit: Omar Villegas

Now, if you still haven’t realized how next level this shit is, think of it this way.

Hot dog buns.

Like tortillas, hot dog buns are there to make the assist. They’re there to protect delicious warm meat. They’re the supporting actor.

Imagine one day looking at a bag of moldy ass hot dog buns (that you’ve had in your kitchen since 4th of July because throwing ’em away the next day would make you feel like a dick) and saying, “You know what would hit the spot right now? A dish made out of hot dog buns!”

Credit: bankbryan / flickr

How would you even make that work?

Would you sauté them in ketchup and mustard? No thanks. That shit sounds gross.

Would you cut up a bunch of stiff hot dog buns and add a little chili and cheese? (OK, that actually sounds kinda appetizing, but for the sake of my argument let’s pretend it’s super gross).

Would wieners even be willing to play second fiddle to hot dog buns? Probably not (because hot dogs only come around a few times a year and tortillas are there every. damn. day). Shit, tortillas are always down to fill in for hot dog buns when they’re not around. That’s how unselfish tortillas are.

I’m pretty sure no one has ever considered making a dish out of hot dog buns. Why would they? It’s a weird-ass idea.

But the genius who invented chilaquiles took a look at tortillas and said, “Yo, I think you can do this.”

And tortillas killed it.

And by proving tortillas could be the star of the show, someone else ended up creating nachos.

Can you imagine a world without chilaquiles and nachos?


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