Who Would Benefit Most From Border Wall? This Mexican Company

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Donald Trump says he wants Mexico to build his border wall, and he wasn’t kidding. What he hasn’t mentioned is no matter who pays for the wall — the U.S. or Mexican government — it would make a Mexican company very, very rich. According to Bloomberg, Mexico-based cement maker Cemex SAB is positioned to profit the most from Trump’s proposed anti-immigration wall. It might seem odd that a job designed to keep the U.S.’s economy “safe” may actually provide Mexico with the large financial boon, but in Trump’s world, it makes total sense. It all comes down to business.

Trump, the consummate business man, understands that what makes Cemex SAB so attractive is their location within Mexico. With several factories located near the border, Cemex’s position can help reduce the high cost of shipping large amounts of materials needed to build the nearly 2000-mile-long wall.

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The easy joke here is to question what exactly Trump is hoping to compensate for by building something so cumbersome and large. But we’re not going to make that joke cause we’re not immature like that. Somehow, if Trump gets elected president, he’ll get a shot at building his precious wall. The problem with the wall is that it has all the charm of one of those failed buildings that dictators and ego-maniacal billionaires always try to create. There’s the Ryugyong Hotel, a 105 story building that stands mostly empty in the heart of in Pyongyang, North Korea, and New South China mall, which is nearly 7.1 million square feet in size and largely unoccupied. If this project fails, as it most likely could, this wall will definitely take the title of world’s largest monumental blunder.

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