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While Mexico’s President Partied It Up, Thousands Of People Protested

Mexico’s Independence Day is usually a big party, especially in Mexico City.


Every year, thousands of people converge on the Zócalo in Mexico City for the country’s fiestas patrias.

Then this guy showed up.

El Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto encabezó el 206 Aniversario del Inicio de la Gesta Independentista, con la tradicional ceremonia de El Grito.

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Corruption, cartel violence, economic troubles and a recent meeting with Donald Trump are just a few reasons why Enrique Peña Nieto’s approval rating is the lowest of any Mexican president on record.

Thanks to Enrique Peña Nieto’s terrible presidency, a lot of Mexicans weren’t in the mood to party.

Thousands of people took to the streets to call for Peña Nieto’s resignation.


Hashtags #RenunciaYa and #FueraPeñaNieto have been very popular among protestors. 

Más de mil marcharon ayer para pedir la #RenunciaYa de Peña Nieto

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This kid’s not old enough to vote, but he knows what’s up.

#mexicanosalgritodeguerra #fuerapeña #fuerapeñanieto #16deseptiembre #desfile2016 #lavozdelpueblo

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As sad as EPN’s track record is as president, it’s good to see the people of Mexico come together in peaceful protest to show their disgust for their leader.


EPN is number one in this protestor’s book.

Por @pablo_ci #renunciaya #renunciaepn #fuerapeña #15deseptiembre #cdmx #nadaquecelebrar #mexico

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And here they are again, from a different angle.

¡Viva México combativo! #RenunciaYa Peña Nieto. #FueraPeña

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I can’t wait for this coloring book to come out.

Fiestas patrias #heroes #piñata #daledaledale #renunciaya #sharpie #sketch #independencia #hidalgo #corregidora #allende #morelos

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It’s clear that EPN’s hair gets more respect from protestors.

Calls for EPN’s resignation have given artists and political cartoonists plenty to work with. Apparently, the more the peso’s value drops, the more EPN’s hair rises.


Piggy with the good hair.


This political cartoon might not be too far from the truth.


This picture’s worth a thousand words, none of them in favor of EPN.

¡VIVA MEXICO! No hay mejor manera de celebrar estos dias patrios que implorando a todos que lean noticias, muchas y de diferentes fuentes sobre lo que acontece en nuestro pais, que forjen todos ustedes un criterio para que poco a poco dejen de representarnos politicos que indignan nuestros sentimientos sobre NUESTRA NACIÓN. Espero el proximo año los VIVA MEXICO dejen de ser solo un grito de esperanza, de malestar y orgullo herido y que se grite un VIVA MEXICO de ciudadanos demandantes y exigentes pero sobre todo que el VIVA MEXICO resuene a gloria @Regrann from @erikhayser – Me indigna este México violentado, corrompido y con un presidente que no me representa. @EPN #RenunciaYa – #regrann #vivamexico #igerstj #igersmx #mexican

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Undeterred, President Enrique Peña Nieto celebrated Mexico’s Independence as best he could.

CREDIT: Carmen Aristegui / YOUTUBE

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Viva Mexico Is Trending On Twitter Proving That Mexico Is More Than Just A Country


Viva Mexico Is Trending On Twitter Proving That Mexico Is More Than Just A Country

Carlos Vivas / Getty Images

It is Mexico’s Independence Day and that means that Mexicans around the world are honoring their roots. Twitter is buzzing with people who might not be in Mexico but they will forever have Mexico in their hearts. Here are just a few of the loving messages from people who are Mexican through and through.

Viva Mexico is trending on social media and the tweets are filled with love and passion for the country.

Mexico received its independence from Spain on September 16, 1810 and since then the day has been marked with celebration. The day is marked with parties of pride and culture no matter where you are in the world.

Mexicans everywhere are letting their Mexican flag fly.

Tbh, who doesn’t want to be Mexican to enjoy the day of puro pinche pride? The celebration for Mexican Independence Day starts on Sept. 15 with El Grito. The tradition is that the president of Mexico stands on the balcony on Sept. 15 at 11 p.m. and rings the same church bell that Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang in 1810 to trigger the Mexican Revolution.

People are loving all of the celebrations for their homeland.

The original El Grito took place in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato in 1810. While most El Grito celebrations take place at the National Palace, some presidents, especially on their last year, celebrate El Grito in the town where it originated.

Honestly, no one celebrates their independence day like Mexico and we love them for it.

¡Viva Mexico! Mexico lindo y querido. How are you celebrating the Mexican Independence Day this year? Show us what you have planned.

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Volunteer Firefighters From Mexico Went to Oregon to Help Their “Sister City” Contain the Unprecedented Fires

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Volunteer Firefighters From Mexico Went to Oregon to Help Their “Sister City” Contain the Unprecedented Fires

Just when you thought humanity has failed us, someone steps up and shows the world that the generosity of the human spirit is alive and well. 

Last week, a post on Reddit went viral of a group of volunteer firefighters from Guanajuato, Mexico who traveled to the city of Ashland, Oregon to help fight the wildfires that are blazing across the western state.

The fire department is called Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios, the Heroic Volunteer Fire Department, in English.

The two towns have had a “sister city” relationship for over 50 years. Sister-city relationships are meant to “promote peace and understanding through exchanges that focus on arts and culture, youth and education, business and trade, and community development”.

The internet swiftly erupted into comments praising the volunteer firefighters for their bravery and comradery. “Mexico also sent relief during Katrina. Mexico and Canada are our best allies, always there for us regardless of the politics,” one commenter said. Another chimed in: “Welcome to Oregon, amigos. Mantenga una bota en el quemado.”

The troop of men who traveled from Mexico to the United States were identified as Captain Aldo Iván Ruiz, Captain Juan Armando Alvarez Villegas, Sargent Jorge Luis Anguiano Jasso, Sargent Luis Alfonso Campos Martínez and Miguel Ángel Hernández Lara. They were accompanied by the mayor of Guanajuato, Alejandro Navarro.

“We began the relief work,” Navarro wrote on Twitter. “Very moved by the terrible impact of the fire on families and their homes.”

The Oregon wildfires are just one of the many that are blazing down the West Coast of the United States, taking people’s homes, land, and sometimes, their lives. In more than 1 million acres have burned and two dozen fires are still raging.

“Almost every year since becoming governor, I’ve witnessed historic fire seasons,” Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently said at a press conference. “Yet this is proving to be an unprecedented and significant fire event for our state.”

Experts are hypothesizing that these unprecedented fires are further evidence of the toll man-made climate change is having on the environment. 

via Getty Images

“I can’t think of any time over the last 100 years where we’ve had serial fire outbreaks, four years running,” said fire historian Stephen Pyne to the Washington Post. “That I can find no record of happening before,” he added. “That is the big switch; that is the phase change.”

Regardless of what has caused the fires, the bravery of these firefighters is worth commendable. Their actions are further proof that borders cannot contain the universal values of kindness, altruism, and brotherhood.

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