When You’re A Grown-Ass Adult But Still Need Your Parents

At some point when you weren’t paying attention, it happened: You grew up. Moved out. Started paying your own bills and crying about having to pay your own bills. But just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you don’t still need mami and papi, right?

1. Cooking

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Sure, you can try following a casserole recipe or somehow burn water while trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich (don’t ask), but when you want to know how to do real cooking — the kind that doesn’t use any measurements at all — you gotta call up ma or pa (or even abuela) to get it right.

2. Laundry

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There’s no feeling quite like standing face-to-face with a washing machine in a giant laundromat and realizing you have no idea how your mom managed to make your clothes smell like a field of violets and yet your laundry now comes out feeling like cardboard and somehow still stained.

3. Changing a Tire

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Or any car help, really. Don’t call Triple A; call mom and pop.

4. DIY Life Hacks


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Broken shower? Don’t call a plumber; dial up mom and dad, and learn how to fashion a whole new shower head out of a soda bottle and two band-aids.

5. Balancing Money

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Your parents had coupons for coupons and reused the same plastic bag for 15 years. And yet here you are scraping together couch change to try and pay for ramen noodles. Learn from them. Let them teach you their frugal ways.

6. Cleaning Anything and Everything

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Because your mom knew how to make a thimbleful of dish soap last for decades, and your dad has a trick for getting blood out of any fabric. (Don’t ask how he discovered it.)

7. Dealing with Sickness

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At no point do you need your parents most, even as an adult, than when you’re sick and just want them to hold you and feed you sopita and Sprite.

8. Dealing with People

Your parents know how to deal with comemierdas better than anyone else. Dealing with an ex? A one-sided crush? A difficult boss? A rowdy neighbor? Ask you parents. They’ve been through the same thing, 17 times over.

9. Making Up Any Excuse, Just To Hear Their Voices

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What else do you call your parents for?

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